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5 Easy Coping Tips for the Transitioning Natural

There is no easy or hassle-free way for transitioning from your relaxed hair to your natural hair. These 5 Easy Tips for the Transitioning Natural will reduce the frustration. But be patient you will get there. Here’s how I can help, read this question I got from a Bawn Natural Babe.

Comb Twists for Transitioning Naturals

I tried going natural no less than 5 times before I actually succeeded. Here is the thing about braids and transitioning hair. When one decides to go natural after wearing processed or creamed hair for so long, we tend to think we should just abandon our hair and let it just grow. That is not the case. When you leave the straight ends you have to treat your hair and still take very good care of your hair with moisture and protein treatments to strengthen the entire hair.

I found, through trial and error, that certain shampoos make my hair coarse and also colouring it strips the moisture. Essential oils and various kinds of butter help with moisture but not all essential oils, like coconut oil makes my hair course and Castor oil open up my pores so much that it gives me sore spots on my scalp.

Natural hair is not easier to take care of at all, all natural hair needs a regime like anything else, moisturizer, curling creme, silk cap, wide teeth comb and in some cases, an oil infused hair gel. Taking care of my hair never came to me in a dream, either I spent a lot of time and in some cases money to get the products that work with me. I have a mixture of 4B and C hair type, low porosity and it’s very coarse and dry so I spend a lot of time moisturizing and keeping it soft.


Here are  my 5 Easy Tips for the Transitioning Natural:

  1. Be patient – we are used to instant gratifications with our hair, we cream it styles it and WHAM we look like Beyonce. However, with natural hair, it takes time to see results, whether it is a twist out or growing hair to a certain length. One thing that can be instant is colouring your hair into a vibrant colourColouring your TWA can be fun for the Transitioning Natural
  2. Be committed – it is easy to get discouraged and distracted and keep looking at all those women with natural hair for 3-4 years and sigh and say, “oh I can’t wait to get there, oh when will I get there,” or get frustrated with the lack of ideas for hairstyles that suit you. I can help with that right away visit my Pinterest Boards they are amazing. Experimentation is key.
  3. Do your research –  For the transitioning natural YOUTUBE is your friend!! Yes, I said it! there are tons of gals out there that have Vlog of how to rock your natural hair, whether it is a Teenie Weenie Afro, a Big Ass Afro or transitioning hair, they have very clear demonstrations as to how to rock your new natural you. You, of course, have to visit my youtube channel Lifestyle with IC-Ta and load up on some knowledge. Look for styles like braid outs, Bantu knots, straw curls, basically curly styles to hide the line of demarcation between your new natural growth and the straightened parts 
  4. Do protective styles – Braid your hair, flat twist it or do Bantu knots, what you should never forget to do before, during and after these styles is to moisturize and use some form of moisturising or protein treatment. Use a silk cap to keep your air from breaking and gradually as your hair grows you can clip off the straight ends. A protective style doesn’t have to be elaborate a simple bun or a turban can be worn for a few days.
  5. If all else fails, Do a big Chop – take it to the roots sister if you don’t have the patience to let your hair grow out all the straight ends and a lot of transitioning natural don’t. Just understand it will be a very sudden change and you will get mixed reactions, I personally never transitioned for more than 3-4 inches. The fun part is the accessorising, the makeup and the ability to just GO!

Accessorizing your TWA for Transitioning Natural can be fun and creative. Try Hoops and bright lipsticks that make your features pop

Whatever you chose to do be happy, if your miserable and can not appreciate how you look and how your hair looks this just may not be for you. When you get to you Natural roots read on some techniques to avoid that may help you start to enjoy your curly, coily, kinky kinks.

How do you cope with that TWA or that in between stage, Here are some easy coping tips that can help you


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