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5 Easy Steps to Transition to the Paleo Diet for Newbies

The Key is to Start really slow by adopting these 5 Easy Steps to Transition to the Paleo Diet for Newbies. This is because switching over to a whole new way of eating can be quite a shock on the system. Making small changes at first, and then getting used to the change before another change is added is the best way to go. Our eating habits, including what we eat, are usually established at a very early age.

Success in a new way of eating is often more likely to happen when the change is made one small step at a time rather than all at once. It is much easier to get used to one change than many. There are five ways that beginners can transition over to a paleo way of eating.

5 Ways that Beginners can Transition 

  1. Get rid of forbidden foods. In other words, get rid of them out of the house. If they are not in arm’s reach, they won’t pose a big temptation. As the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”
  2. Keep a list of paleo foods on hand.  On the Paleo Diet for Newbies, when the munchies attack, there needs to be some back-up. A handy list of favourite paleo-style foods posted on the fridge or somewhere insight could be a lifesaver in trying to follow the paleo diet for beginners.
  3. Paleo foods should be all over your pantry, kitchen and refrigerator. The best way to ensure staying on a new diet is to keep ‘allowed foods’ fully stocked up. Whether its meal time or snack time, the paleo foods will always be readily available.
  4. Throw or give away food one at a time and substitute it with another. What I mean is, the avid soda pop drinker will have to scout around for a new favourite drink to fill the vacancy. I suggest Club Soda. However, ideally drinking more water may be your best option, and is made much easier by toting around a favourite water bottle. A  piece of fresh is also a great combat to that sweet craving.
  5. Follow the 85-15 rule to start out with. This strategy allows you to follow the Paleo Diet about 85 per cent of the time. This means 5 days out of 7, followed by two “free” days where you can eat anything you like.

There are Challenges

One of the hardest things to adjust to in going to a paleo diet is probably avoiding ALL sugar and salt from your diet. Also on the forbidden list unhealthy food additives and preservatives. Processed foods are so full of chemicals that it is difficult to pick up a package of food without seeing a long list of substances which I can’t even pronounce the names of. I’ve come to realise these types of food have little to no real nutrition in them anyway.

In order to be successful and get real results on the paleo diet for newbies really lies in starting out slowly and taking small steps. Think about it as a new lifestyle that you are gradually getting into.

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