4c Hair Reality Check

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I have 4C hair, my hair is also coarse and usually VERY DRY. After I going natural I did a lot of research, yes after,  I guess I was too excited to do anything but go natural that I didn’t read a stitch of literature. I  learn a lot over the passed year as YouTube is my hair bible, its my go to app on my Ipad for styles and care.

In a future post I will give you a list of my favorite Vloggers that I follow.

I have slacked off a lot on taking care of my hair because I  was molting after my last pregnancy, I see the the new growth now peeping through so my edges are not invisible anymore, hence a renewed zeal to take care of  her (my hair) and see if this year I can do a hair growth challenge you call all part take in.

How to take care of your 4C hair is a little time consuming but its fun for me, you have to first have realistic views of what your hair can and cannot do.

Permanent/ Semi Permanent Coloring 4C Hair

I am a culprit for doing this all the time, I bleach and color than re-bleach and re-color on top of color and in the October to January months I tend to dye it black. This is bad bad bad for your hair, 4C hair is already very dry and bleaching it does really do bad things to the texture. It weakens the hair causes it to break and straightens your lovely curls in some cases.What you have to do is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, deep condition as often as you can, and use Sesame seed oil to protect your strands.

I do not think I will ever stop coloring my hair so I am just gonna have to be consistent with my hair regime.  If you have a TWA its a lot less complicated.

Wash and Go 4C Hair

Alright this is a Possible if you are willing to embrace and accept how your hair will handle the method. A wash and go is to pretty much wash your hair you add moisturizer and or conditioner and you should get a cute curly Afro, just wash it and head out the door, yeah for persons with serious curl patterns. This does not work for 4C hair as our hair has zig zag patterns, so what will we be enhancing when we get it wet it is those patterns not the curling S shape we see on some other hair types. For me, my wash and go, turns to a wash- 10- big -chunky- twists- loose out -then go or a wash and oil, moisturizer and TONS of eco styler gel to make the curls pop

Detangling 4C Hair

I find that is better to detangle you strand with your finger and preferably wet. Water changes the state of your hair and in most cases make it easier to handle. With your fingers you can feel the knots and then pull on them gently to loosen which will cause less breakage. A wide teeth comb can be used but I find I have more hair shedding that way.

Styling 4C Hair

Please do a hair style that you can continuously moisturize, 4C hair is very dry, so doing a twist out for more than 2-3 days, which is the longest you can possible go without moisturizing, is not the best thing for your hair. I am not talking about a protective styles (braids or cornrows) which are are great way to give your hair a break from all the stresses of life. Oils does not moisturize your hair they seal in moisture so a good leave in conditioner is a Must Have.

Applying Heat to 4C hair

My philosophy with my type of hair is to love the shrinkage, love the frizz, love your kinky, if and when you do you wont feel the need to blow dry your hair straight . This is not good for your curly natural hair, once you start to use heat to manipulate or change the patterns of the curls, its the more you head into uncharted territory. Heat damage is irreversible, that bad girl will have to grow out or be cut off, there is no quick fixes. So be careful if you have to heat straighten your hair. Use the blow dryer on how heat and use the tension method it works

You can have beautiful long healthy strands of natural hair, but you have to first take the time to know what works for you, do your research, don’t have unrealistic expectations of the type of hair you have or the type of styles you can manipulate.

Your Hair is your personality and these are my views that work for me, by all means do you!


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