Inglot Sparkling Dust

We Be Strobing To The Mooooon!

That term is used by most beauty enthusiasts, it’s a term used for highlighting your cheekbones to the GODS! The hunt to find a good highlighter for women of colour is still on going but needless to say, the beauty industry is listening and they have made a few.

The drug store highlighters are harder to find than most, but they do exit, stay tuned for my top 3 drug store shimmer highlighters for women of colour.

Here’s the disclaimer, if you have large pores or textured skin, highlighters will show up any imperfections you have at all, it’s like pointing a spotlight on a rock in a dark room. Therefore, skincare is always more important than makeup application….exfoliate….full stop.

Let’s dive right in, the Inglot Sparkling Dust is not really drug store item it can rack up a few bucks, depending on where you make your purchase, but it is worth every coin you will spend on it. I myself never heard of this brand until a few years ago even though the website said they have been around for over 20 years! When I did go to their website I was more interested in building a pallet from them than getting any of their other products.


Inglot Sparkling Dust is said to be suited for most skin tones. It is a frosted loose powder which is highly pigmented (OH  LORD IT IS PIGMENTED) to provide the ultimate glow to any part of the body. The website boasts about it being able to be applied directly on eyes as an eye shadow or mixed with lip gloss, nail enamel, foundation, moisturizer, or Duraline to add a touch of magic to your makeup. Available in 7 shades, to be matched to the skin tone, or combined freely.

So firstly, a teeny weeny bit goes a long way so this powder even though it’s over $3000 Jamaican Dollars it will last FOR-EVER, you can always buy it directly from Fontana Pharmacy’s Website here for only $17.63 USD.

I have used this sparkling dust for highlighting, cheek bones, brow bone, nose area and cupids bow also as an eye shadow, body illuminator or to highlight my tear duct. I find this product to be gorgeous no matter how you use it.20170906_090803

Before using this highlighter, which is finely milled, I exfoliate the night before to get a smooth surface to work with. I use my finger which you really should do, but it works so much better in my opinion and I use a whole lot less product than with a brush. The best way though is with a small blending brush to apply to the skin with pin point precision along your cheek bone, nose bridge and cupids bow.20170901_083429

The disadvantage with this highlighter is not with the product but with the container, if it should ever fall from me I would DIE so I would suggest you get smaller containers to take around and leave this sparkle of magic in your vanity.

Inglot Sparkling Dust FEB is definitely Bawn Natural Approved.

So now you have been armed, give a shout out on our Instagram or Facebook page at @BawnNatural and Youtube at Iceta W.


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