Kickers and Plaid

It is as hawt as a chicken heat…. or an elephant hide…. you know what I mean it’s HOT gosh darn it. Linen is really cool and its a lot cooler when it’s a teenie shorts.

Outfit deets:

  • Plaid linen shirt – Gap *husbands shirt*
  • Linen shorts – Old Navy
  • Kickers – Payless

In all my posts and blogs I doubt anyone can say I have ever casually worn sneakers or kickers. I like showing off my toes and my pretty polish, but today I sure had to dust off my runners and pull out that shorts and hit the errand list.

These kickers are very affordable, I bought them at Payless about 3 years ago and for sure they have come in handy. They are super comfy and the colour is so cute. Fret not I do have on socks they are just way down there.

Champion sneakers are fashionable, comfy and good to dance in..teehhehe!

So...what yah think

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