Shorty Deep Wave – Review 

I have passed this brand of hair time and time again, noting how short it would look and how I’m not into short hair. Then summer 2017 hit and dashed all my boxed braids expectations through the window. No sir-re-bob I wasnt about to put that heat on my body. 

In the caribbesn protective styles are worn all year round but for summer there seem to be a slight increase. I guess that compelling need to just grab a pair of shades and go, oh note to self order those shades in my amazon shopping cart!

Any way the hair…..

Cost: $1200 JM

Instalation: $3500 JM

Time: 1.5 Hours

Wear time: 2-4 weeks 

Maintenance: Oil sheen, oil cocktail to scalp

Where to get it: Cherry’s Beauty Supplies

Overall: The hair is very soft, it doesn’t tangle or smell horrible. You can comb or brush it but no water that will definately ruin it. It comes in a few different shades, but you know me and the blonde by now

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