Marriage Dating Tips

Every parent has a mountain of to-do list and those lists have their own list; there is also having to make time to for a social life and dating.

Studies have shown that a couple that makes time for each other after children have a higher chance of staying together and being happy. This could be due to the time spent together rekindling that fire between each other. The mammoth task of taking care of children wears you down in a few different ways, there is the physical and mental fatigue, the change in your goals and plans and the different personalities that you have to deal with. The sitter, your husband or wife, kids, teachers, boss a

The mammoth task of taking care of children wears you down in a few different ways, there is the physical and mental fatigue, the change in your goals and plans and the different personalities, the sitter, your husband or wife, kids, teachers, boss, friends and family all can affect your mood and mindset, and sometimes we need a reset.

Make a Date Night


Your date night should be at least once a week and it doesn’t even have to be a night it could be a morning or even afternoon.It’s just whenever you can find the time

Get a Sitter


In Kingston, this can be a little tricky, but sitters know other sitters. Once you have a friend with a sitter or helper ask them to refer you to another sitter. You may have to do a few interviews and few observed work ethics to make a decision. However, the key is to find someone you trust and you are comfortable with to leave your kids with for a few hours. When you do find a sitter negotiate your terms and start a dating.

Make a Plan



I am a bullet journal junky, I make spreads, mandalas and lists… lots of lists. One of these days I will show you my spreads, but I digress. The point is to make a plan, a list of restaurants you want to try, attractions you want to visit, movies you want to see and so on. After the list makes a calendar of when you want to do these things, yes, yes I know it sounds tedious but this will help with budgeting and anticipation for what’s coming next. You can keep this list away from your partner and make it all a surprise on date night.

Make It Fun


I have a friend, Trudy, that she and her husband actually have a date night bowl. They write down on bits of paper where they want to go and each week they take turns picking from the bowl. Whatever is picked is the date night activity. They have stuff like, walk in the park, spa day, games night and paintball party.

Sex Can Be a Date Too


One of the things Trudy has in her date Bowl is a sex date night, Absolutely a night that she and her husband romance each other with a meal, flowers gifts, lingerie and have mind blowing sex (Mind blowing is my word I have no clue). I don’t have to tell you about role play and costumes right….Great!

The aim is to find ADULT alone time with each other. Here is a list of other date ideas, and from the extensive list, you can see that there are quite a bit of activity that can be done together, some you can do every night after the kids go down.

  • Beach Day
  • Coffee Date
  • Lunch Date
  • Wine and Painting
  • Road Trip
  • Learn Latin/Reggae Dancing
  • Movie Marathon Night
  • Learn to cook Date Night
  • Candle Light Dinner
  • Wine Tasting
  • Youtube Karaoke
  • Massage
  • Plan your next trip.
  • Dream together. Talk about where you’d like to be in the next 5, 10, 15 years in your relationship, with the kids, with finances,  in your careers, etc.
  • Take YouTube dance lessons
  • Do a “Skype” double date with a friend couple who has moved cross country.
  • Make a list of the top ten reasons you’re happy to have him as your hubby while he makes a list of why he’s happy to have you!
  • Play cards.
  • Have a really special fancy dessert from a nearby bakery.
  • Walk around the neighbourhood, keeping your house in view.
  • Watch the first movie you ever watched together.
  • Search online for your dream home.
  • Exchange a scalp massage.
  • Build a fort together.
  • Take a bath together.
  • Have cheese, sausage & crackers.
  • Have an outside picnic under the stars.
  • Exchange back rubs.
  • Work together to make a playlist of songs from when you were first together.
  • Dress up for each other. Wear fancy clothes and set a fancy table.
  • Chopped Challenge at home. Have a friend fill a bag with ingredients neither of you knows about. Set a timer and race the clock together.
  • Do a puzzle together.
  • Make a homemade pizza.
  • Spend some time writing out 10-15 memories each.
  • Blindfold Food Taste Test
  • Organise digital family pictures together.
  • Make your own massage oil
  • Unplug from everything and just be together.
  • Read aloud to each other.
  • Play a childhood game.



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