12 Natural Hair Mistakes You should Do Everthing To Avoid To Maintain Length Retention

Most of us, in some way, are all thriving for healthy, long, beautiful Natural Hair, but we are guilty of making mistakes that can be damaging our hair and prevent our goals from being met. Here are a list of what I think some of those bad habits are and I must say I am guilty of a few. Numbers 6, 10 and 12. EEEK!

  1. Finger Detangling is more efficient and successful that most other method
  2. Using small teeth combs will more than likely break your hair or pull and snag, don’t use them #fullstop
  3. When drying your hair it is best not to vigorously rub the towel over your hair, it’s worked for me to pat dry or use a terry cloth, T-Shirt or even a baby receiving blanket to dry your wet tresses
  4. When applying heat, it is highly recommended to use a heat protectant. There are affordable ones or you can simple use grapeseed oil which has a higher burning rate than say olive oil
  5. Not adding a sealing oil/creme to your hair will pretty much defeat the purpose of moisturizing your hair properly. The oil seals the moisture within the strands and prevents it from breaking
  6. At nights, in order to protect from breakage and dryness try sleeping with a satin cap/bonnet all the time. I am very guilty of not doing this
  7. With the natural hair community it’s suggested and recommend not to use products that is unhealthy for your hair. This would include products such as Silicone, Alcohols, parabens and and so. However some hair types repairs much better with these products, therefore I would not recommend to stay completely away if they are working for you
  8. I am aware we are all striving for the elusive BSL or MBL, however Not Trimming your ends will cause breakage. If this is done periodically then the need to “cut” of damaged ends will be down to a minor trim
  9. Yes our ends are FD (forever dry) and it’s only natural to want to seal and protect our ends vigorously, however don’t just apply products to the end of your hair, liberally smooth it through from root to tip and give some love to the rest of your hair
  10. Time. Kids. Life. Money are just a few factors that may cause bus not do this step, and I must say there are ways to circumvent this issue ( I will speak about this in another post) Do not ever skip your deep conditioning treatment. DC is essential to the life of your natural hair, and your hair loves this extra love. This doesn’t have be a whole afternoon with major products a simple aloe Vera wash or even using your favorite conditioner  with some heat will do the trick
  11. I really can’t see this as being an issue for most of us naturals, unless you have a protective style or plain ran out of moisturizer, however it’s not advised that you  go more than 2 days without Moisturizing your hair. I’ve used the LOC Method which have change the relationship between me and my hair for the better. Does matter the products you use so much is more of that a routine and regimen is built. best-moisturizers-for-dry-natural-hair
  12. And finally, our lifes are all busy and I know for me sometime in  unraveling my twists in the car and sometimes at my desk at work #palmroface. Let me continue its best to take the time, use some oil on your fingers and slowly loosen your twist. Some bloggers/bloggers will say start unraveling from the ends as this will preserve your curls, however for me I find unravelling my twists form the middle very slowly preserves my curls better, that’s because my ends tend to fluff and loosen first. But I always preach to get Toni ow your hair to see what’s best for you

So let us breakout of our bad habits and start growing luscious natural hair no matter th length.

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