A Break with Cafe Blue

There a few places I love to go, just to sit, relax and just write. Cafe Blue tops that list they serve awesome Latte, free WIFI and to-die-for pastries. Most Christmas, they also have Egg Nog with and without alcohol that has been the main reason I gained 20 lbs for the Festive seasons *Palm to face*

I usually visit the locationĀ in Sovereign, it a distanceĀ out of my normal route but I love that little spot. The location is fitted with High Bistro tables and is fully equipped with WIFI and quiet for effectively working in solitude. Recently Cafe Blue took over the management of Deli Works, which is in the same location, so now your can sip on your favourite Latte then have a wonderful lunch.

Cafe Blue also have their signature coffee, brewed and instant that you can purchase and have your home smelling of good old Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. This spot is ideal for the coffee lover and is also perfect for the low key hang with friends spot.

I have also visited the Montego Bay branch, located in Fontana Pharmacy and their customer service brings the sunshine to the location. Professional, effective and timely. Thumbs up Mobay Branch you ROCK!

My outfit was pretty simple, little black dress from Half Price in Half Way Tree, (click the link for the blog on Half Price) Green Printed Jacket gifted from my lil’ sister and sandals are from RuffCutz Sandals find her on Instagram.

So...what yah think

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