Be a Smoothie Guru – Equipment

Smoothies are one of the healthiest and easiest ways to get your nutrients. It’s great for on the go people who have every little prep time and it’s awesome for the health nut who wants a to ensure the have all the protein and carbs in one meal.

Smoothies can be incorporated into your lifestyle change with little start up cost, but what would you pay to be as healthy as you can be?

How to get Started


The most costly part of being a Smoothie Guru is the equipment. A Nutribullet or a Ninja can run you into the hundreds but there are a lot of other brands like Elite that have great smoothie makers. What is key is that whatever is used need to have powerful blades to ensure that all ingredients are blended smoothly. The key to blending your smoothie is to ensure that you blend the ingredients out first before you start adding your crushed ice. You can find more of these techniques in our “Being a Smoothie Guru” Series.


You will need a good cutting board and knife. We suggest you use one dedicated for your smoothies so you won’t have icky meat contaminating your smoothie and cause any major health issues. Cross contamination is a seriously matter ensure that your hands, utensils and your ingredients are clean.


shutterstock_534219988Storage for your smoothies is the next step after you decide you want to be a smoothie connoisseur. Simple water bottles or old juice bottles can be used, but this is a fashion and beauty blog we ain’t about being simple.

One of the major parts of preparing your smoothies is prepping. Ensure your blender, knives, storage containers and cutting board are ready for use. Decide on what to you want using your smoothie, most newbies start with fruits first and then gradually introduce veggies until you can do a true green smoothie or juice.

Prepping fruits and veggies for and store in refrigeration can take an entire day. However, once you finish the process, preparing the smoothies when needed will only take about 5-8 munites.

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