Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids

I installed this hair myself took me about 3 hours with breaks. I got the cornrow pattern from youtube here and the installation process here.


  • The hair is soft,
  • The curl pattern is crazy nice
  • It’s not silky and looks all fake
  • Very Affordable


  • I used too much hair it was hella big.
  • I found the hair knotted and looked frizzy (but I never really cared it properly use a silk cap to sleep in)

Hair Details

Packs of Cost – $750 JA ($6US)

Installation Time – 2-3 Hours

Tools Needed – Braids, Crochet Needle, moisturiser for natural hair






No Make-up


My thought this is hair is great, however, use 2-3 packs instead of 4 packs as it came out HUUUUGE. Try to remember to always moisturise your scalp, (I didn’t so I had major flaking weeks after I took out the installs. So get your oil and water solution to help with that thirsty scalp! Try it guys and have fun!



So...what yah think

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