What I learnt to make this Summer Epic in Jamaica

This summer was epic for me, my family and friends!

It almost felt like a new year has started for me. I made life changing decisions that I still have to be ironing out. I embraced new friendships and built on the old. I opened up my heart and soul for more fun and doing more me things. I solidified time with my girls, developed better strategies for my career. Mostly for the summer, I learnt to be more unavailable to needy people and how to accept a loss.

Summer 2016 left me with a broken heart, loss of friends, loss of two big accounts, but on the flip side, I gained a new car, off the lot, a healed conscience, a better understanding of relationships and most of all a calmer spirit.

I found my love in beer, Lemon Redstripe, which I now share with people I love and want to be around. I found my love in Karaoke, even though I can’t sing a lick. I found my inner voice ad brought it more to the forefront and yelled the secrets I kept that I was ashamed to share. I found that sometimes it’s harder to let go and to move on but easier when you take it one moment at a time.

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So to wrap up this short post, my summer was a summer of LOVE, FUN and a BRIGHT FUTURE.

X’s and O’s


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