Sunday Afternoon In Jamaica

DSC_0196Contrary to popular believe living on an island most of our days aren’t easy going, there is work, appointments, kids. Their lives, your social life and so on. Living in the islands is no different from living in any other part of the world, we just live. The difference is we have more scenic routes to wait out the 2-hour traffic, warm sunshine to hustle to meetings and at the end of the day beautiful sunsets to look at while we plan for the next busy day.

However, what is true for most Jamaicans, are those easy Sunday Mornings. Most parishes are quiet except for the church goers going off to their gathering and the whistling of the pressure cooker preparing the Sunday rice and peas. Kids playing in their yards and by late evening preparing their school uniforms for the next day. Beaches are packed and all retail stores are closed, except for the supermarkets that close half day, just enough time for you to pick up the things you missed from your major Saturday shopping.

A few Sundays back I decided to take a drive to the Parish of St Ann and stop in St. Mary on my way back, which I have to admit I never actually stopped in before. I just drove through on my way out or into Kingston. Here are a few of my sightings.

DSC_0193DSC_0191DSC_0215DSC_0213IMG_23382015-10-12 16.37.572015-10-12 16.45.022015-10-12 16.45.13

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