Jamaica Yellow Pages Blogger Bus – #RWJA2015

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I am so excited about this post I don’t even know where to start. The entire night is just swimming in my head with all the fun activity that my fellow bloggers and social media gurus were apart of. With the likes of QuitePerry, Chunchi, GreedyGirlCooks, Sleek, Krista from the Jamaica Gleaner, Rae from RETV and Infuzion it was a very fun and crazy evening.

The Jamaica Yellow Pages (JYP), one of the tiered sponsors, tricked us out in a fab ride with the coolest driver Jerome who entertained us with music videos from a flip down screen. The night was filled with a strict itinerary starting off with Cocktails at C&C South Beach, appetizers at Beirut Mediterranean Cuisines, entrees at Tamarind Indian Cuisine and dessert at Roe Japanese Restaurant. The Jamaica YP has all the info needed to find the Restaurant Week participants in their app, they have created a special link  just for Restaurant Week 2015. You can also find on their website an offering for Restaurant Business owners the opportunity to register with the Jamaica YP to get info on strategies to help their business succeed. Click for further details

Just click the DIGin Logo on your mobile app to get RWJA2015 listings
So as you should know by now, I will be using my whimsical rating scheme to rate each location on taste of meal and ambiance.

1 – Let’s try a next place next time.

5 – Yeah, we could try this again.

10 – This needs to be my last meal on Earth.

Now this will be a long read but I assure you, it will be a treat.

C&C South Beach – Rating 8

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.28.54 AM

Our first stop was at C & C South Beach where we were treated with some cocktails. Absolut Vodka, who is also a sponsor of #RWJA2015, was the base in all the drinks we had. There were three different  kinds South Beach Swirl, Absolut Stress and Pink Lemon Drops.


The most popular drink of the night was the South Beach Swirl, which reminded me of the Flaming Bob Marley shot, and we were educated on how to make this tasty drink by the experienced bartender. I know what I will be doing for my next games night!

Flaming Beef Balls at C&C South Beach
Flaming Beef Balls at C&C South Beach
We downed or cocktails and was treated to South Beaches Flaming Beef Balls that was displayed in all its splendor. They covered the Meat Balls with alcohol and occasionally threw cinnamon on the flames to make them grow bigger. I was so fascinated! AND they were soon good!

Why a rating 8: I will definitely be back here to experienced their outdoorsy ambiance. I like cocktails and I am always looking for a new spot to try each month, so they got a 8 as I plan to stop in soon for more Vodka infused cocktails.


Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine – Rating  7


We hopped back into the #JYPBloggerBus and braved Kingston’s traffic to Market Place, the home of Beirut. By this time we all had the alcohol buzz and we all ordered a round of our favorite wine and blended cocktails. Beirut served us up with 3 of their appetizers from their #RWJA2015 menu. Hummus, Fattouch and Falafel all vegetarian appetizers by the way.

Let me break it down for you, Humus is pretty much chickpeas puree mixed with sesame paste, lemon juice and olive oil and it was served with a Pita bread. Must I say that it was a favorite for the table, but not as much as the Fattouch. This was the salad from heaven biting into that crunchy Lettuce, mint, parsley and tomatoes in that tart lemon sauce, I heard angels whisper my name. I felt like eating the bowl it came in. I LOVED this dish immensely.

Beirut Falafel
Beirut Falafel
Next up, was the Falafel which was far better than any I have tasted before. This is a deep fried mini pate beans and herbs and it was served with fresh vegetables and a tartar sauce (tahine).

Why a rating: 7 I will go back to Beirut for sure for that salad and their service was spot on. My only concern is that the seating we got, was on the outside, in the passage, and I am not sure I liked passersby watching me eat.


Tamarind Indian Cuisine –  Rating 10

Tamarind Blogger Menu
Stop number 3 was at the cozy and intimate Tamarind Indian Cuisine. You guys will be in for a treat at this location. The ambiance was very romantic, dim lights and low music the words fancy and upscale comes to mind. This will be the perfect spot to bring that special some one to *wink wink*

Butter Chicken
The menu for RWJA2015 at Tamarind was extensive with five entrees, they picked the most tasty dishes on earth for this menu Butter Chicken, Goan Curry, Green Thai Curry, Chiang Mai Thai Noodles and Singapori all with the choices of  Chicken, fish and shrimp all meals are served with garlic, butter or plain naan.

Green Thai Curry Shrimp from Tamarind
Green Thai Curry Shrimp from Tamarind
We ordered and pretty much just passed dishes from person to person. My favorite was the Butter Chicken. I must say I was apprehensive to try this when it came, my expectations was vastly different form what I saw, you know butter and chicken, anyway. It tasted like melted joy on my palate! The chicken was tender and sauce was to DIE for. This was by far my all time best dish ever. Even with having a hard time picking just one. I was contemplating the Green Thai Curry Shrimp, that had a hint of coconut and I loves me some coconut sauce anything, and the Singapore Chicken was also pretty good.

Singapori at Tamarind
Singapori at Tamarind
Why a rating 10: This needs to be where I have my last meal on earth. I have an amazing affinity  for  Indian Cuisine, ever since my Indian school friend invited me over for dinner. I will move into this restaurant and take lodging in the back left corner… if they will have me!

Roe Japanese Cuisine – Rating 10


Roe Japanese Cuisine is located at Sovereign North, which of course you can find on your Yellow Pages app which you can download here. Interestingly enough I know Roe for Sushi so when we were told we were having dessert there I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Oh Em Gee I was in dessert paradise. Every single dish was totally spectacular . We had Cheesecake with Fruit Topping, Rum Cake & Ice Cream, Melty Pudding (Michiko/s Original) and Tempura Ice Cream (Fry Ice Cream).


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.30.21 AM
Roe’s Original Melty Pudding
My faves were the Melty Pudding which literally melted in your mouth. They gave us two flavors vanilla and coffee which was very strong and right up the ally of all you coffee lovers

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.30.05 AM
Tempura Fry Ice Cream
Next was the Fry Ice Cream, quite an oxymoron right? But WOW! This was so good. There was ice cream that they somehow got in the crusted Tempura dome that was sprinkled with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Still delicious an oldie but goodie was the Cheesecake with Strawberry toppings and Rum Cake and Ice Cream. I have always enjoyed cake and ice cream the contrast of the warm cake and cold ice cream does something to your taste buds, oh so tasty.

Why a rating 10: Do I need to say anything more than, “they have dessert”

Okay guys now there you have it! 4 restaurants that are very much Bawn Natural guaranteed. Enjoy and tag me in your photos on Instagram and twitter @bawnnatural


Stay tunes for my list of places I recommend for Restaurant Week JA 2015


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