Korrie Kelly | Korrie Korner #BNFeature

11667481_717988098313094_1157645331527627835_nBawn Natural feature aims to highlight a Natural Goddess who has her hair tight and her life right. This months #BNFeature Highlights the lovely, the charming, the talents and exceptional specimen of a woman Korrie Kelly who has a website dubbed Korrie’s Korner. Mother and wife give 2 afro shakes to the lovely lady!

Korrie introduced herself like this when we spoke,

“Hi! My name is Korrie Kelley from Korrie’s Korner on FB. I am a stay at home mother of two energetic boys whom I thoroughly enjoy! I’m married to my childhood sweetheart of 15 years and I couldn’t ask for anything better!! I love helping people and being an encouragement to those around me. My hair type is 3c/4a curly/coily.”

Korrie decided to go natural when her cousin did the big chop, that inspired her to let go of the chemicals and embrace her naturalness. Afraid to do the big chop Korrie transitioned, but said had she have the opportunity to know what she knows now she would have done the big chop.

I realize that it’s just hair and it grows very fast. It was definitely a journey transitioning to natural. Very discouraging..disheartening, but I didn’t give up! It very much paid off in the end.”

Korries current hair routine is the L.O.C method. After washing or co-washing she uses a good water based leave in, followed by a light oil and a cream. Sometimes a curling glaze to top it off. Co-washing once a week and uses a sulfate free shampoo about twice a month. She stated that she never misses out on a good deep conditioner

Korrie’s go to style is a pineapple or a high bun to save time on her very busy days. Rocking big cute earrings, a natural girls best friend, to add to the  style to make it a little more flashy and not too soccer mom; however like every natural there are some issue with having natural hair.

“My major challenge with my hair, which I’m glad I have under control now, is making sure my hair has enough moisture. The L.O.C method has tremendously helped with this. I have very porous hair so moisture is key.”

Further on in the interview the topic of negativity with natural hair came up and Korrie had this to add.

“I don’t face any negativity from my hair, actually it’s caused quite the opposite from others. Really nice complements.”


Now for the fun part! Are you a product junkie? Most of us naturals will never really admit this or even realize that they are, but Korrie without hesitation admitted she was definitely a product junkie and even related to her FB page that she highlights all her favorite products. Hey, nothing is wrong with that Korrie we all have our vices here in the BN community, but I must say R&B hair leave in by Lush, Shea Moisture hair smoothie and coconut oil, are real good products to over indulge in!
And of course  we always asks this question; If your here could have a personality how would you describe her?

My hair personality would be vivacious, energetic, a mind of it’s own, beautiful and me. I love my natural curls and I’m glad I’ve finally learned to appreciate and embrace them.”

Sounds good Korrie. Look her up guys on her Facebook page Korries Korner 

So...what yah think

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