The Tapered Cut

2015-08-21 23.35.55Recently I made a change by cutting my shoulder length hair (when stretched) to a tapered cut. Needless to say the transition was anything but easy. Months of research, months of contemplation and then finally months of finding the right person to cut my hair.

I do have to admit that I love my new hair cut but there are times I miss the stresses of having to detangle a mass of long hair….uhm not really.

Maintenance of my hair is now much easier, it dries in minutes, takes less product and due to the length the style stays much longer.

2015-07-28 13.33.37-1

My regimen is still the same, L.O.C Method. I have changed my styling gel from the Eco Styler to the IC Hair Polisher  and Olive Oil Styling Gel (hard to find in Jamaica). I have found that it enhances my curls and adds a layer of shine. It doesn’t flake or gunk up your hair, unfortunately it really doesn’t mix well with other products

2015-07-31 22.46.01-1

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