Whirl & Twirl Girl | Stacia of Yaad Trendz

Photography: Nickii Photography Make up: Novia Prince

Hey EthniCurlies today I have with me the lovely and talented Stacia Davidson, who I must say is an official EthniCurlie, please tell us a little bit about yourself we are all interest to hear

Hey Ceta as you know I‘m Stacia Davidson and I was born here in Kingston, Jamaica. I’m the Creative Director, Founder and “Head Cook and Bottle Washer” for Yaad Trendz. My ambition has always been to be and remain happy. I am happiest when I am pursuing a dream and living a balanced life. I am excited at the possibility of bringing a new idea to life, sharing quality time with the people I love and competing whether in sports or otherwise. Making my brand Yaad Trendz successful is one of the dreams that keep me going.

I have no idea what the professionals would say my hair type is but I would say it’s “Type Great”…lol On a serious note though, I hear people talk about 4C and all that but I have no idea what that is and frankly never really took the effort to research and find out the different hair types.


So dish it and let us all know what is your natural hair story?

I’ve been natural for basically all my life. I grew up in the Pentecostal Church and it was against the church rules to process your hair so until I decided to rebel against that rule I was natural, but I later found that I actually preferred my natural hair and how I looked and felt when I was natural.

One or two times I felt I needed a change while in University, I would process my hair and then regret it right after I came from under the dryer and in that moment, I would remember exactly why I stayed natural in the first place so after only one perm, I would start growing out my hair and vow to myself never to make the mistake again. For those times that I grew it out, I would go to the hairdresser to treat and clip until my hair was completely natural. I remember one or two times I would put in braids but, for the most part, I just grew it out without doing the big chop.

I am at my best self when I’m natural. I don’t have to waste time so often at the hairdresser. I can walk in the rain if I feel like and not worry about my hair. I can leave my hair out and just be my carefree free spirited self.

What is your current hair routine/regimen like?

I tell myself I should wash my hair once per week but that doesn’t happen as often as it should. So, on average, I wash once every two weeks. I shampoo, then condition and while the conditioner is in my hair that is when I will comb it out using a wide tooth comb starting from the ends making my way up to the roots. Next, I do some big twists while the conditioner is still in. I then rinse the conditioner leaving the twists in place. I air dry, put in moisturizer and keep my hair that way. When I’m ready to go out, I would unravel the twists and will wear my hair out until my next wash day. I don’t comb my hair at all until it is being washed. My hair is usually out… wild, curly and free. I try to moisturize the ends every morning though.

Photography:  Dash Productions Make up: Diedre McKenzie
Photography: Dash Productions
Make up: Diedre McKenzie

We know with your very busy schedule your hair ideas may not come to fruition, what is your quick fix routine or got hairstyle?

No matter the occasion- formal, casual or semi-formal, my favourite hairstyle is the ‘twist out’.  And I like it the most after sleeping on it for about 3 days and it’s stale and not too neat. I really like when my hair is out, wild and free. I maintain the curls by moisturizing daily with moisturizing curl enhancers.

Now we natural girls all have some, we might be afraid to say so tell us, how has the response been to your care free choice of hair style?

I’m aware that maybe some people will have an issue with how I wear my hair but frankly, I don’t care. I love the hair God has blessed me with. So if people have an issue that’s their problem, not mine.

Do you face any negativity with wearing your hair in its natural form?

I don’t think the negativity stems from the fact that my hair is natural. I think it is more stemmed from the fact that I like it out, wild, big and free. But I’m not a negative person so I don’t pay negative comments about my hair any attention. I love my hair and, as I said earlier, I am at my best self when I’m natural.

Okay now we know the natural hair journey can be a little pricey would you consider yourself a product junkie? If so, list your top three.

I’m not a product junkie. In fact, I’m not loyal to any brand of shampoo or conditioner right now but as for moisturiser and Curl Enhancers, I’ve tried Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancer Smoothie and J. Monique Natural’s Hair products. I’m also looking forward to trying the Strawberry Kurls product line from Kumea’s Hair Perspective.

If you could give your hair a personality use 5 colourful adjectives to describe her personality

BOLD, CONFIDENT, SELF-AWARE, AUDACIOUS, CHARISMATIC, TRENDSETTING & RESOLUTE. I know you said only 5 but 7 is the number for perfection…lol

Thank you so much Stacia it has been a pleasure chatting with you:

By the way, you can follow her on Instagram:

@StaciaDavidson (www.instagram.com/StaciaDavidson) and

@NaturalIconBeauty (www.instagram.com/NaturalIconBeauty).

You can also follow the fashion & lifestyle company @YaadTrendz (www.instagram.com/YaadTrendz) for really cool, stylish, fashion forward handmade accessories.

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