My Summer Protective Style | Sew In Experience 

Are you a mother of 2? Do you have a job or 4? Do you own your own business? Are you married, have a household to run, errands and a social life? Are you natural and have no intention to change that? Then I have the perfect solution for you! Get a protective style.  With summer approaching schools out and vacations pending,  the time for yourself will all but be consumed to….nothing. Put your natural stresses in a protective style that will suit your life and fashion style while enjoying  all the obstacles life throws your way.

Okay so that sounds like an ad but thats pretty much how I had to spin it to my friends and family as to why after 14 years of being natural I went ahead and put in a weave.

First of all its very beneficial and it costs less than braids here in Jamaica. I first thought of doing the jumbo braids, but with two kids work and other activities I could hardly find 8 minutes much lest 8 hours to do my hair.
After some research I decided on doing a sew-in, take a look at the mechanics and price breakdown for both braids and weaveh/sew-in.


1. 5 packs of Braids – $35US

2. Washing and treating in preparation for braids -$20US (optional but I’m lazy like that)

3. Service charges to braid hair – $60-$80 US shoulder length and waiste length respectively (from popular braid salon in Halfway Tree)

4. Time – 8hrs

Total cost: $125 -$145


1. Hair -$25 Human Hair Blend (not Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Indian or any -ian those range from $100 US – $300 US per bundle)

2. Washing and treating hair prior to install is included in the installation of the hair  price which comes to $30US

3. Time: 2-3hrs and their was a minor water issue.

Total: $55

So my experience…. It was quite pleasant I went to Cherry’s Beauty Supplies got my hair and the sales associate was kind enough to tell me that he Salon next door could possiblely do my hair too.  she even went ahead and asked for the cost to install the hair I had bought. My hair got started around 7pm and finish a little after 10pm, I was able to do a re-polish while the hair stylist did her thing.

While doing my hair, I got a quick reminder of how much I love the salon. The night was filled with juicy life gossips from cheating boyfriends, crazy mothers-in-law to life changing experiences and disciplinary tactics. Salons are major fun!

Now back to my hair, I was very apprehensive about  doing my hair I really wasn’t sure how it would look or how I would feel about it, I was very concerned for my youngest daughter, Sway, and whether she would even recognise me. After the sew-in was finished she flat ironed my natural hair and it look FAB-U-LOUS! I loved it! it was very chic and very different it really shocked my me, my kids and my husband.

The extensions are a little hot but that’s a given with all hair types with any kind of pass the shoulders length, there is no itching from the hair but my scalp does itch from time to time, which usually means It needs to be moisturized. My day time routine has been cut down to bushing leaving it out or using a hair tie to put it in a ponytail at differently angles.  My night-time routine consist of brushing and rolling it under my satin cap. Taking care of the hair is limited to oil sheen and I flat iron my leave out hair to ensure its slick every now then. You do have the option to not leave out your hair and do a complete closure, then your routine will eliminate flat ironing completely.

Enough of my rambling take a look at the photos.

I look Homeless? lol



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