Bamboushay BVI – Natural Diva Alex

In my quest to find all things Natural I have gone a wondering again. If you follow my twitter page you will see some days ago the BVI had a Christmas on Main Street, yeah they hold it a month or so prior to the actual Christmas Day.

Pearls and Silver hand made Necklace by Bamboushay

My plan was to just go and have fun and visit the booths but by now you have realise that I have made something fun into some kind of fun/blog *lol*

Custom Piece made for Celeste Tyson (can read more about this Natural diva)

Now I found this place, well it was never lost but some how I did not  know it was so versatile. Bamboushay use to be my Jamaican Patty and Coffee spot but I haven’t been on Main Street for awhile so I didn’t realise that the coffee shopp had moved and now Bamboushay in all its glory is there.

I met Alex a wonderful, fun, sweet, young entrepreneur, naturalista of a different type in the BVI who is the Creative mind of this place.

Alexandra – Wearing her own handmade Pearl Entwined Necklace
Local Alcohol

Bamboushay makes pottery, soaps, jewellery all form hand and natural elements form the island. Alex crafts by with a soldering gun these exquisite pearl and crystal pieces, I must say they are gorgeous. Seeing these items, I had to ask her what other materials she used to make her pieces.

“Shells, stones, clay  and sand, pretty much you name it I can wield my hand and make a dashing necklace, earrings or bracelet”

Inside the shop, with Alex’s hand made scented soaps….Try the Vanilla & Oatmeal
One of their stand out item is there guaranteed pearl in an oyster. These Oysters are x-rayed prior to shipping to ensure that they have at least one pearl,  which means if you pick the right one you can get TWO. In the store they have a jar sitting on the table with salt water and oysters and you chose the one you want,  Alex will open it for you and..BAM! Your own genuine pearl. You can then set in a ring or pendant and the sterling silver chain come along with your Pearl.
Oysters in the bowl and the rings you put your pearl in
Pearl After it has been poked out of the Oyster
Alex Sizing the pearl…I got a Gold-ish one

So when you come to the BVI its a must you come Alex at the Bamboushay, her vibrant enthusiasm for her work is infectious and will spread like the air you breath.

So...what yah think

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