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Give 2 Afro Shakes to Stacia!!! Photography: Marz Villain Make up: Eyeampatoo

         Hey  EthniCurlies, I have been getting quite a bit of feed back about implementing more fashion based items. With that said  this will be out first feature posts of “Style your EthniCurls” lets get started.

I found this beautiful and talented Lady while trolling for Caribbean made hand crafted items, I reached out to her and she was more than willing to lets us delve into her brain. Lets get started

Hey what’s up girl, so glad you agreed to be one of our EthniCurlies, introduce yourself to our Fashionable Naturalistas?

I‘m Stacia Davidson and I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. I refer to myself as a “Dream Warrior” as I will fight relentlessly to ensure my dreams are realized.

My ambition has always been to be and remain happy. I am happiest when I am pursuing a dream and living a balanced life. I am excited at the possibilities of bringing a new idea to life, sharing quality time with the people I love and competing, whether in sports or otherwise in turn making my brand Yaad Trendz successful is one of the dreams that keep me going.

I am unique because I am enterprising, strong in faith and I can stay positive even in adversity. My unique take on life is that happiness is the journey. As such, I choose to live happily in the present. I believe that my purpose is to motivate and empower women to live happy fulfilling lives.

Photography: Lancelot McCalla Photgraphy Make up: Diedre McKenzie
Photography: Lancelot McCalla Photgraphy
Make up: Diedre McKenzie

Have you worked in any other industry, outside of the Fashion Industry?

No and yes. The fact is, even though I’m in the fashion and lifestyle industry, I’m still running the administrative and the marketing aspects of my business.

Photography:  Dash Productions Make up: Diedre McKenzie
Photography: Dash Productions
Make up: Diedre McKenzie

Why Fashion though, How did you get started?

I was really just doing what I liked and it evolved into a business. I started creating outfits while at University when I wanted to attend events but just didn’t have the money to buy a new outfit. I would transform clothes that I already had and turn them into totally new designs. Necessity is the mother of invention and up-cycling clothes quickly became a hobby of mine. I love being resourceful and I love creating, but I know that I initially took the bold step to pursue fashion as career option because of the encouraging but forceful, confident and persistent words of wisdom and support from friends and people who just loved the pieces that I created, for myself and what I displayed on Campus fashion shows. Those persons believed in me more than I believed in myself and I think it somehow rubbed off on me. I guess if you hear something often enough, you will start to believe it. I eventually took the plunge and, as they say, the rest is history.

Photography:  Dash Productions Make up: Diedre McKenzie
Photography: Dash Productions
Make up: Diedre McKenzie

Fashion is so versatile, do you have any challenges with coming up with your creations?

Sometimes I do have “designer block” similar to what writers call “writer’s block”.  I think that happens when I’m trying too hard or when I’m not following my routine that fuels inspiration. Inspiration comes freely and abundantly when I’m making good lifestyle choices, when my mind is open and receptive I am able to fuel my inspiration sources. I’m inspired by life, art, geometrics, artistic and creative people, nature, prints and even the materials that I use.  I can draw inspiration from any and everything and I find that whenever I travel or change my geographical location, whether out of the country, outside of Kingston, or just go by a friend’s place, I’m always inspired and my passion and creativity are refreshed. Change of scenery tends to re-ignite and inspire. I also get inspired by reading, browsing the net, meditating/praying, or just organizing a nice night out with my friends.

Photography: Nickii Photography Make up: Novia Prince
Photography: Nickii Photography
Make up: Novia Prince

My daily routine of meditation/prayer, declaration and affirmation, exercising, eating right, maintaining good positive relationships and learning are all integral to my creative process. They help to clear my mind of blockage and negativity, and release the resourcefulness, ‘innovativeness’, positive energy, inspiration and ideas I need to get through the day.

Tell us a little about your designs, materials and who your trying to inspire?

We are in the business of empowerment and innovation. We are a fashion and lifestyle company whose vision is to motivate and empower women to look good, feel good and live “good”.

We design and create female accessories and clothing that are bold, creative, fun, flirty and fashion forward. Our pieces offer a unique mix, blend and combination of colours, fabrics, prints and materials. We at Yaad Trenz was born out of innovation and we continue to encourage a spirit of innovation, creativity and sustainability in our work environment. One of the ways we foster innovation is by creating accessories by way of recycling, up-cycling, re-purposing and reworking of second hand clothing, fabric scraps and other materials such as, but not limited to, wood, copper, beads, buttons and wicker .

We have what we consider to be our BENCHmark of products. These are:

B- Bangles and Bracelets

E- Earrings

N- Neckstaz (our stylishly bold innovative neck wear collection)

C- Clutches

H- Headwear

We will, however, do swimwear, tops and/or dresses when inspired to do so. Our Core Values are tied into our daily mantra and slogan, “Create. Innovate. Empower.”

What are your plans for the future, for yourself and your business?

Well, my personal plan is to be able tick off everything on my bucket list which includes, but is not limited to, like traveling the world, skydiving, learning to do a full split, training for, competing and completing a triathlon among some other challenging, fun and crazy stuff.

As it pertains to Yaad Trendz though, some of my plans include:

Have a thriving E-Commerce (Online Boutique)

Finalizing local and international boutique distribution outlets: USA, Caribbean, Canada and UK etc.

Growing our social networks so as to further market the brand, interact with our customers and to establish our authority in the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industry internationally.

In addition to NECKSTAZ, our new stylishly bold neckwear collection, we want to design and create even more creative and innovative products that are loved, accepted and used by women everywhere.

I also want to be able to empower and employ talented young people.

Stacia Davidson, Yaad Trenz
Stacia Davidson, Yaad Trenz

You can reach out to Staci at:



Twitter: @YaadTrendz

Instagram: @YaadTrendz


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