I saw this picture the other day after going through some pictures, the funny thing is that with before picture, I would never have called myself fat I made excuses that I was a little over weight, it was baby weight, my clothes kinda still fit. All that sufficed and away a went with my life.

I came to Jamaica on vacation and one day while waiting for the bus, the conductor for the bus came to me and said, “baby mother you can go into the bus first, you look tired”

Yup yes yes she did, it got worse, waking on the streets i constantly had men telling me what a sexy pregnant woman I was or vendors trying to sell me baby clothes #palmtoface. Enough is enough I said. I posted a pic on Instagram asking for a jogging partner and fellow blogger IrieDiva answered without hesitation and we have not stopped walking since.

But I had some changes in my life and just decided I’m gonna be a little selfish, let me focus on me, no kids, no husband, job, friend, foe, family was more important than how I felt about me.

The Plan

I started small. Eating one meal right at first, that was breakfast.

Oatmeal and Banana
Eggs and a slice of toast


Crackers and Tea

What ever I could eat, patties, chicken or sandwich

Afternoon Snack

Oatmeal (again) or eggs

The exercise

This was easier than I thought. Just needed to start my walking partner made it easy. She lived right across from a park that had a walking path and I worked 5 minutes from the park. We started slow, 1 hour a day, 4 days a week. Mondays to Thursdays. We needed our weekend to have a social life.

How much have I lost?

Never weighed. Tried on a broken scale but of course the numbers were inaccurate didn’t try again. I just noticed my face sliming and the my jeans sagging. Still didn’t even realize really then either until this pic.


Then I compared it with a later pic and wow !!!!


I still have a ways to go. I make small goals and try to reach them. My first goal was to do major portion control, then it was to start excersiing, then it was excerise 4 days a week, then it was to be able to visible see a change come Christmas. My next goal is for Easter. One day at a time they say, I say One moment at a time. Dot beat yourself up, I did a lot of slip ups, eating pizza, cake, chocolate, not pushing myself as much as I could, but consistency is key.

How Can I Help You?

Keep posted to our Instgram pages @ethnicurls and @IrieDiva.  7 Day Meal Plan here.

Follow my hashtag #EthnicurlsFitnessJourney #irie7daymealplan  for Meal Ideas and fitness Motivation.

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