My Faux Hawk

Ever since I saw this look I wanted to do this, after watching quite a few youtube videos I decided I would try it for work today. This post will be fast as I have 30 minutes left on my lunch time and I want to eat…lol

So I started by washing my hair, you don’t need to but I wanted to make sure all the moisturizer and junk I had in my hair from the week was out and my hair was fresh.
I then did some Bantu Knots (chiny bumbs) and left them over night to dry. This was so I would have more defined curls in my fro.
In the morning a use olive Oil or Shea Butter oil to uncoil my hair and shape it. Pin the sides with some gold hair pins. I used some Eco Olive Oil Styling Gel and African Pride Back to Natural Silky Edges to smooth and shape the hair, use a toothbrush for the teeny hairs…..and VOILA!!!

At my desk…A real simple style
See my defined curls
 Hope you Like it Doves…its been fun…Toodles!!

So...what yah think

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