Castor Oil Challenge & Regimen






Hey Curlies I started my castor Oil Challenge on August 4th and I will be doing it all through my vacation until October 4th. I will be using the Sunny Isle EXTRA DARK Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which was gifted to me but you can get this at your local hair store. Pretty much any 100% Castor Oil can be used. I will be using this every morning through out my scalp and on my edges. Lets see if this works, as I am a skeptic about products.

I have also change my Hair regimen a bit too, I use to co-wash my hair every week, now I co-wash every mid week and end of week and deep treat once a week and shampoo my hair once every month. I  have changed my condish from Creme of Nature to Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, did a review on this in my previous posts, I LOVES this stuff. I will try Aussie soon to see if I get the same results.

After deep conditioning I use my coconut oil from SageRoots or TresOmega Nutrition Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, then I will use my African Pride Shea butter Miracle Buttery Creme/ Alikay Naturals Dulce Hydrating Curl Lotion/ Cantu Curling Creme, I have three because I love them all and they do the same thing to  my hair its all a matter of how I am feeling.  So essentially that’s my LCO method and sometimes I will switch the creme and oil do a LOC method.

Liquid – Water/Spritzer

Creme – Cantu/Alikay/African Pride

Oil – Coconut Oil


After I use my Shea butter and Ecostyler gel mix to twist my hair I will use to Castor oil through out my scalp and edges.

Whats your hair Regimen? Whats your favorite products? I am still looking for THEEEE leave-In Condish!




3 thoughts on “Castor Oil Challenge & Regimen

  1. I dont have a stricked regimen. I detangle, wash or co wash depending on how I feel then condition. I deep condition every other week. I proceed to moisturise and style. If I am doing a wash and go I dont use the moisturisers because they dont mix well with my hair gel. I started using castor oil after my son was born and my edges just went for a walk it has helped. With this challenge I have increased my usage and try to stick to the rules.

  2. So here are my products: detangler-v05 or any cheap conditioner, shampoo-treseme vibrant natural nourish and replenish, conditioner-treseme vibrant natural nourish and replenish, deep conditioner-Hello hydration moisture and shine conditioner, oils-dax coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, moisturizers- african pride shea butter miracle bouncy curls pudding, fantasia ic
    shea butter oil moisturizer, gel- ecostyler (blue and yellow). My leave in is johnsons baby conditioner no more tears (in a green bottle) yes I used my son’s conditioner and loved it. It mixes well with all thesd products. For a wash an go its perfect mixes well with ecostyler gel no white residue. When I moisturise my hair I do L-leave -in on wet or damp her, oil And cream any of the two moisturisers.

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