I am PROUD to be Nappy

When I was planning the event Whirl & Twirl Natural Hair Expo and Meet-up, It took me months to settle on the name. I had thrown a few titles to my hubby and best friend and they pretty much shot down most.

The one I really wanted was Nappy Us Natural Hair Expo. Yeah I wanted to use the word Nappy. Needless to say my friend and husband told me that it was derogatory and it is used to shame us black women about our tightly coiled hair. Boy was I shocked because as far as the meaning of the word goes, I do have nappy hair.

According to the Urban Dictionary Nappy is:

Tightly coiled / curled unaltered hair. Coiled hair in its natural state
as found on people of African descent who do not chemically alter their hair texture
UUHHHM …… yeah that’s me and I would say 90% of the natural hair Community.
I must admit now that I was a little confused about what was said to me and I kind of just blew it off and went with Whirl & Twirl. I became and continue to be natural because I refuse to be confined to Societies IDEA of what is beautiful. I was born with my hair like this and I believe I should accept it for what it is, MINE.
So I am redefining the negative stigma that is NAPPY, I am Proud to be Nappy! PROUD! I think I will change my Slogan to Whirling and Twirling your NAPPY you..
Happy to be Nappy.
XOXO- Ceta





One thought on “I am PROUD to be Nappy

  1. Yeah, I realized too that things affiliated with being black eventually carry a negative stigma but we have to own it and love it. For me, any woman who can rock her nappy hair is a strong woman – come on, we are willing to fight with a mane every morning and even when it wins and goes wild, we still rock it … how awesome is that?

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