5 Things I Can’t Stand About The Natural Hair Community

I was moved!!! Ethnicurlies you need to take a Read!!!
Yes our We are natural and no don’t exploit us!!!

Young Fabulous & Natural

Because every community has issues

I love the natural hair community and how encouraging it is. It was the natural hair community that helped me decide to move forward with doing the big chop. But, there are some things, 5 in particular, that I just cannot take any longer about the natural hair community. Don’t worry, this goes for myself as well!

1. The idealization of long, and loosely curled- Sure, I won’t deny the fact that long curly hair looks great. With that being said, kinked up undefined afros are the bomb too! I wish I could see more of that to encourage the women that have that hair type. If you are reading this and you have that hair type, show yourself and be proud! Not to mention, I love short freshly big chopped dos. I mean, LOVE! I have been contemplating going back to that length myself.

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