Hot Mess

IMG_5501[1] Hey EthniCurlies, I had to make a quick post about my hair today, Recently put in a protective style and for a while I really was digging it, then on Sunday that bad girl started to itch sooo  bad I had to take it out. This was after I moisturized sprayed, cleanse, I did all I could to stop it from itching so bad. Needless to say it didn’t work and I had to remove it, that was the bad part.

Two days later I was still itching and when I finally examined my scalp it was a hot mess,  auugh… the braid I used I must have IMG_5449[1]been allergic to some ow and it made my scalp flake and itch and burn. Oh MY FRO (got that from a Vlogger) it was horrible.

Well I am on my way to get a hair mask and sort my scalp out, in 2 months or so I will do another protective style with braids until them I will just protect my ends with my own hair and stay away from mysterious braid brands.



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