Whirl & Twirl Candice “Candi ” Williams


This little mama packs a huge punch when she rocks her Naturals strands, she embraces her hair and show how much she loves her hair. Continue reading to see how she do her do.

1. Please tell us little about you? Name, hair type, what you like and dislike?

I have 4c hair.  I like music.. i love to sing and perform and food! I love food. chocolate and ice cream are my addictions. Coffee is a necessity in my life. I’m big on family and marriage.

2.Why did you decide to go natural and how did you make the change?
I was always natural and I’d never change that. I think natural hair people stand out. I’ve always said that when you have processed hair you are just like every other person, but when you have natural hair, you’re THAT girl with the natural hair.
3.What is your current hair routine/regimen? And if you don’t have time to do a full style what is your quick fix routine or your GO TO hairstyle?
I really am not dedicated to a strict hair routine. Most times its rope twisted so I style it from there or just let it hang loose. I wash once per week and sometimes I do a flat-twist out. I twist the hair wet with Butter Whip Coil Cream and let it dry, the curls are amazing and the results are perfect for rocking a fro.
10376831_800192336659529_2418240033287343262_n10329035_800192426659520_8705913139048218719_n 10441372_800192406659522_4335326286783497886_n
4.What are the kinds of comments you receive since your hair is now natural and did anybody close to you have a problem with it?
Persons get excited about my hair. When I do a braid out or a twist out they’re like “wow! your hair is so big!” or “that’s alot of hair!” My hairdresser gets excited when she’s blow dries it and she can’t see my face. My friends have all threatened to abandon me if I ever do a relaxer. I’ve only ever received one bad comment. A little girl once said she doesn’t like my chiney bumps (bantu knots) because it’s too pointy and isn’t straight and long like hers. I didn’t get offended though.
5.Tell us your 3 best hair products you use and why?
Okay so I just recently started using products from Softsheen Carson’s Roots of Nature product line and I love them! I moisturize with Strengthening Oil Moisturizer because it keeps my hair moisturized  for a really long time. For styling, especially when I want to do a twist out I use their Butter Whip Coil Cream and/or their Feather Whipped Curl Cream. I use them together or separate, looks great anyway. Their Curl Reviving Spray does exactly that! I’ve tried others and none really works for me like these do. And they smell amazing.
10307198_800192139992882_673869676459513559_n 10363877_800192116659551_8864661063652293318_n

6. Tell us what you love about your hair the most?

My hair is really thick and I love that. It shrinks easily but I don’t mind because it makes it easier to style. Many people tell me they wish their hair was as thick as mine for I thank God for all this thickness ahahaha.

Well I would say well said to all thanks Candi for being our Whirl & Twirl girl for the month of June

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