Style on the Go “Pompadour Afro” | Beginners

2015-02-28 18.14.19-1

What you will Need:

  • Head Band/Hair Tie/ Rubber Bands/ Knee High Stocking
  • Hair Pins
  • Hair Gel
  • Toothbrush or Bristle Brush
  • Comb or Hair Pick Lip Stick!

Method and Procedure:

  1. On Old twist out use your head band from back of your head, behind your ears and tie. Ensure knot/s are not seen
  2. Use fingers or comb to gently pull hair form under the head band and form your Pompadour
  3. Add your gel to slick back your edges using tooth brush to smoothen
  4. Fluff afro with Hair Pick
  5. Put on Lip stick and take Selfie, tag it #ethnicurlsstyle so we can see

Happy Summer!!

Pompadour Afro – Short to Long Hair

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