Not Hair: A Picture lasts FOREVER

I take pics of everything, everything, just to commemorate the time, a picture lasts forever these days

I have had a very sad week this week, an old school friend of mine committed suicide after killing his wife and leaving his only child parent less it made me really sad and think about  life.

As a wife, a mom and a professional I do get caught up with life and routine that I forget about my husband and people that are close to me at times.  

A marriage as well as any relationship takes work with the combination of children, money and ambition,  along with different personalities. To ensure all of ones needs are met in a relationship it gets harder to focus on the individual thing long enough for it to matter. I feel a  little disappointed in myself  that it took the passing of an old friend for me to realize how much life is short and you need to say all you need to say NOW.

I must say I have lived my life with not putting things off for later, I have always wanted to do things ‘right now’. My husband sometimes finds this to be a bother but he has confessed that at times it has paid off to his benefit. 

I always say what I am thinking and try to express how I feel, I take tons of photos to keep the memories, I carve out time to spend with my kids and I schedule, yes schedule time for friends and family, I try not to make promises I cant keep and I have a mental vision board of my life and where I want it to be. I keep busy and out of peoples business I keep my friends close and my family closer. I view myself as an open book that you have never read. I suggest you do the same it makes you feel better about you and life.


Words I live by. R.I.P to Mr. and Mrs. Thompson

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