Hair Drama

Hey Doves

 I know, I Know I owe you a post or Ten but you do understand, motherhood has robbed me of my me time, I aint complaining ;-).

My Cover up Hair do for my thinning Hair line

So hair update, my hair did grow a bunch while I was pregant but lordie lords it is now shedding in clumps my hair line is all but gone and the texture of my hair has become lighter and a bit thinner. Must I tell you that the little person in my head was screaming bloddy murder after I washed my hair and saw all the hair that came out.

Blow and Go Hair do

No worries its all apart of bringing forth life into the world All that  glow with hair and skin goes until you body gets back to its normal equilibrium.

Hair Line Thinning

Until then, I am doing co-washing, treating with Yogurt and Amino Acids and using Olive Oil, Lavender essence, and argon oil hair spritz. Which me Luck

Wash, Blow out, with leave in conditioner, and Olive oil, Leaving my hair out so I dont stress the roots

You can see all these hair pics and more on EthincTruth Facebook Page, Instagram and Tumblr.

So...what yah think

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