My Basic tips for #naturalhair Care

Wash and go updo with front puff. Products used: Eco Styling gel, IrieDiva Shea butter Mixture, Cantu Curling Cream

I have had natural hair one way or the other, I did my first big chop in 2000-01 back in college grew out my hair, locked it, did another big chop in 2005 , grew that for awhile, locked it again and needless to say I repeated that cycle again last summer.

I have picked up over the years little tricks in maintaining ones natural hair. Let me first start by Telling you a little bit about my hair. I have 4b and 4c hair type, mostly 4c to the back. It is coarse and dry with tight curls to the back that start to loosen up as it gets to the front. My hair functions better with oils, Olive oil, Argon oil or Olive oil. Moisturizing lotion and coconut oils makes my hair drab and coarser so I stay away from it.
In the winter or colder months I wash my hair less, 2-3 weeks at a time,  as it tends to get over dry and brittle and will shed and break. When I do wash it I use only co-wash (conditioner only) this allows my hair to retain more moisture as the weather drys it out.

Plaits loosened next day after Washing (undefined and un-styled) Tip: use a hair pic or wide teeth Comb to style

Fave Conditioner : V05 Moisture Milks
Fave Curling Cream: Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Creme
In the summer I tend to wash more frequent, Once or twice a week as I live in the Caribbean and it gets really hot and along with products I use daily I get lots if build up so I also do a deep condition every two weeks to ensure that it remains healthy. 
Fave Deep Conditioner: Organics Hair Mayonnaise or Cherry Lola Treatment (homemade)
On wash days I use my V05 Moisture Milk Conditioner and my wide teeth comb to detangle, I also use a leave in conditioner to help keep my hair loose (I tend to get knots at the end of my hair) I use my IrieDiva Shea butter mixture that I got from fellow blogger, on my roots and ends and some Olive Oil to seal it all in.  After I wash i either do Medium to large plaits/Bantu Knots/twists loose them the next morning and style as desired.
Fave Leave In Conditioner: African pride leave in conditioner
Fave Oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
On style I tend to  use Wheat germ Pomades or Grease, if I do a wash and go for a few days i would use some Eco Styling Olive Oil Hair Gel, Which is optional you can always use a curling cream to get your curls more defined. The Gel tends to weigh the hair down and makes it look messy, so I suggest you use it to tame your stray curls. Never leave home without your wide teeth comb it is essential for safely detangling your hair.
Bantu Knots Loosened after one week. Tip: use Olive Oil or Shea Butter to loosen Bantu Knots, if you intend to wear the Knots for more than a day or two do not use rubber bands
Things I do not like doing to my hair:
One. I do not like blow drying my hair tends to make my hair very brittle, dry and life less. Depending on the “must have” style I want to try I will blow dry my hair. There are no heat method to stretch the hair I will do a post on it soon.
Tip: I use a mixture of conditioner, olive oil, distilled/bottled/purified water and some hair moisturiser in a spray bottle, liberally spray my hair then use a wide teeth comb to detangle, then blow dry. That has preventing my hair from breaking or getting burned. it makes my hair super soft.
Two. I do not like to use fine teeth to detangle my hair it tends to snag at the roots and ends and it makes me have a very bad headache for days. I have all of 3 wide teeth comb just in case I misplace one.
Three: I do not like cornrows and some protective styles as they are not very protective for my hair. Cornrows are way to tight for my poor scalp and when loosing them out no matter how hard I try my hair gets torn to bits. Essential some styles will not work for everybody, trial error is how you might learn.
Four: I do not like to use Shampoos to wash my hair. I have said before that my hair is coarse and dry and shampoo tends to make it worse. I Like having colour in my hair, yes yes I know not such a great idea, buuuuutttttt….. with the colour that makes my hair even dryer so using shampoo to strip away the moisture takes me weeks to replace and rebuild the moisture back. So shampoos are  no no for me I am a co-wash girl.
Hope this help guys. See yah next post
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6 thoughts on “My Basic tips for #naturalhair Care

  1. I like your page very informative. There are a lot of naturals in the BVI. Yall should get together and have a huge meet up.

    I currently follow Naturally Curly BVI and NaturalliBeautiful on facebook, check them out. You will also be added to the list. I am going to continue going through your page. Keep up the good work.

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  3. (Anonymous from your other post here)Your hair is similar to mine which is one of the main reasons I follow your blog. Again, really appreciating the tips!

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