In my Own Skin

One of the most common questions I have been asked of late is how is I am so comfortable in my own skin…so to speak, breaking it down more. I came to work this week and really didn’t comb my hair at all, Leave in conditioner and some curling butter, lip gloss and some black eyeliner and ‘YUP’ I was ready for work.

I was not trying to be a bum I just wanted to be hassle free this week, to the point I wore flowing skirts and linen pants too. I can say that feeling this way now about my appearance did not happen over night. I was not readily accepted in school and it took years to restructure and train my brain so alter the concept of beauty I grew up with.

For me all black is beautiful, I love all hair types and hair styles, just may not where them all and my preference is natural hair and locs.

Okay what was my response, I just tell them I got tired of being lied to by the media and the like, I got tired of putting on a big puff of slob and such to appear “pretty” I got sick and mostly tired of keeping up with all the blahh, don’t get me wrong I love fashion and hair and looking pretty, I just no longer think Mac or Maybeline define me. I still wear my make-up and haul it all in with Spanx and stuff but now I don’t feel any prettier with them.

I am more comfortable with me in my own skin because simply, I choose to be.

So...what yah think

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