Care Free Hair

I have been fully natural, e.i. without my locs, for six months now and even I am surprised at the speed in which my hair grows, despite the constant abuse of colouring and bleaching. I do do take time to co-wash it (condition only)

I had my hair coloured red for the first couple of months which I loved, it really on lasted for the time I was on vacation for 2 months, after my life got back on track I was, lets say, strapped for time. So my hair colour was all but neglected. I stripped the colour and went back to the sunset blonde look. That’s what I am wearing now I don’t love it but its better than having my my hair black. I don’t particularly like black Hair colour.

A quick length check today
Length check about 2 months ago

I wore my hair in a “like I give a heck…” fro since Valentines Day. It came from work too tired and beat to do any fancy style for V-day dinner. Once you have embraced your natural you, you will learn and appreciate how your hair textures and forms/falls, the feel, the look, so as a result I can leave my hair out for days use a Hair pick and some shea butter (which I have grown to love) and go.

Leaving your hair alone will allow it to grow. I would say my hair gets combed when its washed which is about once every 5 days or so, I used protective twists very few times I am lazy to do it more often, and I try sleeping with a silk cap to protect the hair when I sleep.

Products I use/love

Cantu Curling Shea Butter
African Pride Leave in conditioner
Eco Argan Oil Hair Gel
V05 Moisture Milk Conditioner

Oils in my Spray Bottle:
Olive Oil
Argan Oil
Castor Oil – just started using this, thank you so much Iriediva
Lavender Essence – Vanilla and cinnamon essence are like $40 a bottle in the BVI :-((

If you have any questions – email me at, or drop a tweet @ethnicurls

So...what yah think

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