One Love: Jamaican Blogger Tag

Hey Ethnic Beauties
I’ve been tagged I’ve been tagged!!! I must say I was extremely elated when I saw that I was tagged in The Jamaica Bloggers Tag. I just happen unto their page from twitter some weeks ago, just in time for their Blogger Awards!!! Can you believe it Jamaica now has awards for people like me who like “yabba we mouth to the worl”…ehem YABBA means talk excessively …tehehe.

So I was tagged by my girl IrieDivaMonique who I thought should have been nominated and won an award at the Jamaica Bloggers Awards *just had to put that out there Aunty Mo* Irie Diva has a lifestyle blog and has been blogging some years now, she’s created her niche, I admire her tremendously and seek her out often for her advice with curving my own blog. The Blogger tag is essentially to meet other bloggers and to get the Jamaican Blogging/Bloggers out there, whoever thought of this…GENIUS!
So, the Deets:
ü  Title your post “One Love: Jamaican Blogger Tag”
ü  Link back to the blogger who tagged you (you may add a brief definition of what a tag is for the benefit of your readers)
ü  Copy and paste the rules at the beginning of your tag
ü  Copy and paste the questions as well so readers know what’s going on
ü  Answer the questions
ü  Tag 7 other Jamaican bloggers to continue the trend. Kinda forces you to make friends, no?
1.     Why did you give your blog its name? (If it is named directly after you, try and make your answer interesting. e.g.: Did you feel nervous at all about putting your name out there? Did you just lack creativity at the time?)
Funny enough that was the hardest thing I had to do for the blog and I still question the name sometimes. I need to probably do some kinda of survey to see what my followers think about it…. Hmmm I chose it because of what people kept telling me about my hair and features, …oh you have such a ethnic style/look about you….” & “boy Ceta you just talk what come to your mind…” So hence THE ETHNIC TRUTH was born.
2.     Why did you start blogging and why do you blog now? 
I originally started blogging so my mom and my sisters in Jamaica could see my life here in the BVI. We hardly get to talk like as much as I would like, so I packed all of the happenings into a post and call them and say ‘READ’. Then it evolved into helping other mothers cope with being a first time mom and then I naturally just started to right how I felt and what I loved shone through, Hair, fashion and life. I continue blogging now because pure and simply I am addicted, shivers and shakes kinda addicted. I look forward to the comments and thought of others with each post, I have fun with my research I am simply addicted!!!
3.     Do you think being Jamaican influences your blogging style?
It most definitely does!!! I often have to remember not to use slangs and jargons from my native island so all can understand…lol
4.     What do you think about the increase in bloggers in Jamaica?
I simply LOVE it. I want to go home just so I can grin from ear to ear with them all!!
5.     What is your favourite thing about being Jamaican?
Our flare, Our language, our style, our people, our warmth. Our IRIE-NESS!! Oh you meant THING’S’ right, you left off the ‘S’
6.     Ackee and saltfish or “(mackerel) run down”?
Do I have to REALLY chose!!!??? 
7.     Tastee Patties, Juici Beef Patties or Mother’s?

I love Tastee’s Beef Patty, it has to be piping hot, Juici Beef Hominy Corn Porridge and Fried Dumplings and Mother’s Breakfast from the half way tree branch across from Pavillion Mall in Kingston.
8.     Pantucky or KFC?
What kinda question that!!! Must me Pantucky, and for those who don’t know, Pantucky is the road side version of Kentucy Fried Chicken

9.     What do you hope to be the future of blogging in Jamaica?
I Hope and want us to hone our skills and be affluent in our arts. I hope that we can share with the rest of the world our other creative talents. I want us to really show the world what Jamaica and Jamaicans are all about, to see our diversity and our true warmth.

So my tags….I have to first of all tag my girl Lori-Ann Quast and her blog is Seed of Style and Tameka Norman from 7 style 7. So ladies you have officially been Pimped…I mean tagged (voice of Xibit)

So...what yah think

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