Herbal Haven – BVI

I have gone a exploring again on the lovely island of the british Virgin Islans. I have been hunting down essesnse, essense of all types. I needs me some smell good oils and frgances. Of course my first option was to go online but after I decided to search Tortola under every nook and cranny, I have actually found places and things that i can now use, of course you know aboyt my inftuation with Sageroots for my hair care products and Island Essence for my hair styles, I have now found Herbal Haven for my essenses and oils.


I must admit that I was not eternally impresses eith their collection but so far its the best I have found on island. The carry a wide range of vitamins and such but i was very intrigued by their peppermint, rose and lavender oil. They are a bit on the pricey sid ei find, but like I said my options are limited.

Herbal Haven is operated my a elderly gentleman, soplease dont go askin ghim whats best to use in yah hair, I did and he isnt very, lets say knowledgeable about female issues…*lol* It is located on Main street right around the corner from Mckelly’s.

Take a look guys and get some oils to add to your spritzer and spray bottles. I have used oils and essenses in my Gel Shea mix, makes it very whippy and smelling devine!!!

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