#Greensmoothie or Just Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie this morning… Mangoes, pineapples, cherries, blackberries, ginger, strawberries, coconut creme to sweeten

I am in heart with #greensmoothies. I was turned on to this healthy lifestyle by my girl IrieDiva, and my life has been transformed by it.

I can now formally say that this is not a diet but a lifestyle change, I have never felt better I feel as if I am now in my own element so much with this. So I figured I would give you 6 reasons why I so heart Green Smoothies.

#1       Quick and Easy

It takes me 2 minutes stat to prepare this bad boy. I do my prep work after I get from the supermarket. I wash, cut and blend my greens. I wash, peel, cut and bag my fruits and store them all in the freezer. This eliminates my fruits and veggies getting old, quail, spoiled or stale. I use honey or yogurt to sweeten and on my cheat days I may use a little coconut cream. I have also just used the bare necessities of the fruits to sweeten as well depending on how I feel.

Throw what you want in the blender (my bullet is still in transit) and a little water or left over juice and blend away.

#2       I cook a lot less

Since I am replacing One or two meals I don’t have to cook those for sure, I don’t need to prepare anything for breakfast and lunch as one big portion of juice will last for the day. I will always have to cook dinner because I am most definitely married to a Jamaican man. #nuffsaid

#3       Everybody Can enjoy

I have struggled for months as how to feed this child of mine. She is such a picky eater. I started by sheer laziness sending Smoothies with her. I was out of her juice so I gave her some of mine and can you believe she eat it all up, from the sitter but not from me. I found out if I  make it a little sweeter than mine she will drink it down too.

Hubby likes it too, if you know what he looks like, you will see he is pint size and he lost some weight the other day when we had our Dengue Dilemma so he wanted something he could readily use to gain some of the weight back. He does more of a power smoothies as he uses a lot of oats, and nuts and milk…and of course a little bit of alcohol when he feels like it….*grins*

#4       It replaces an entire meal

I blend my ingredients pour and drink, sometimes I will get some chunks of fruits in it, major surprise but all in all with all the pulp still intact I get a pretty filled feeling to last me through to the next meal.

#5       Its compacted

It is compact with all I think I need vitamins, minerals, sugars, amino acids, protein etc all depending on what I use.

#6       You can gauge it

Depending on what you need and how you’re feel or even what results you are targeting, you can gauge what you put into your smoothies. If I go shopping for a bunch of vegetables that I plan to prepare with dinner or take for lunch I then to do more fruity or nutty smoothies.

I have done all vegetable smoothies using honey to sweeten and this week I have done all fruit smoothies, just felt like I wanted to feed the sweet demon.

When you start out, you may start out that way and gradually introduce the veggies and nuts and then before you know it you go all buck wild and start putting cheese and stuff in yah smoothies.

So guys those are the 6 main reasons why I do and still continue to so Green slash healthy smoothies. Do your research and learn what’s best for you and HAPPY BLENDING!!!
Check me out Dolls on Instagram -EthnicTruth, Twitter or Facebook for more Smoothie Recipes or hop over to IrieDiva.com she has some great advice on green smoothies

So...what yah think

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