Always In January

Dadda and Moon Horsing around in the Wait Area

Hey Doves, Happy Monday.

I hope you had a wonderful Last week and a great weekend. My last week was not so to, if you follow me on twitter or Instagram you would see that me and my whole family ended up in BVI Peebles Hospital Emergency room. Yes, After 2 days of being quite sick we could no longer pass of our symptoms to being the stomach bug.

Lil Moon and Daddy looking on as the string me up to the IV

It started with the little one. The sunday evening Moon started to throw up and it was down hill form there for her. We would never knew anything was wrong as she was as rumbustious as ever, clubbing, jumping screaming as usual. She went to bed late as she wasn’t feeling well but at 1am Hubby and I got up with the same symptoms, taking full time residence in the bathroom.

Moo was feeling better, we even sent her to school, she was okay and never had a spell all day until the next day she started again. I was like yup emergency room it is.

We got to Peebles at 7pm and after 9pm we still had yet to see the doctor. Our registration process took a whole 45 minutes….yes Forty-FIVE and I was visibly uncomfortable but, “it was mandatory i stay put and fill out forms” Never mind that have done it before at lengths atleast 3 times before. We waited in the wait area for another two hours and nothing, good thing they had WIFI I was able to post some pics and update my friends and family.

I got bored and checked into Foursquare and somebody left a tip on Peebles Hospital saying, “….you will wait till you starting to feel better….” no kidding, they were right, I waited until mu tummy ache stopped, my nausea abated, and Moon fell asleep. When I saw the doctor at ten and I explained the whole story she ordered test and set me up on an I.V. We were told the test results would take an hour. So we waited some more.

After waiting so long Moon fell Asleep

Hubby was by now visible anxious and wanted to go home, he made a crack about hating hospitals and feeling as if the germs and bacteria were leaping off the walls unto him….LOL

What dawned on me though, is that every time I have every been seriously ill it has happened in January, *shakes head*

When the results came back it was confirmed that we hand Dengue and there was no treatment for it we need to just go home, drink lots of fluid, stay in bed and try not to get reinfected :-// Its now been over a week and we are almost fully recovered, well Moon sure as hell is as she all but wrecked the entire house today with her “playing” with DADA.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes I really appreciated it.

Bye Now I am so ready to go home

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