Thrift Finds British V.I Style

Hey Dolls
Happy Friday!!!!! As promised I will be doing a post every Wednesday and Friday. 
I have been hunting the B.V.I to find some super CUTE little things to make my outfits pop. Thanks to Christmas on Main Street I found a few stores that are super duper awesome… yeah I am over excited I know. 
Now bare in mind in the B.V.I everybody shops in the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. So with shipping, customs and Duties and the such by the time the products gets her and the suppliers jack on their prices, we pay whopping sum.

These Cuties, which a plastic I flop on almost every Friday, to dress down my already very casual uniform, they were only 10 bucks. The floral flower on top just makes the uber cute

The Green bandu with Gold ringlets… was a like One dollar…I love this…..  the owner of the shop pretty much gave it to me after I bout 2 more accessories from her….I lot of the accessories in the rack behind me were also on sale, 5-15 dollars

This was on sale for 5 dollars

I Got this for 2 for 25 Dollars, which is popular here, the other colour I got was black in a different style you can see from the next picture
These are my go-to sandals, I wear them most everywhere, 
The bag I for for 15 bucks, its is one of my most fave little bags, just enough for my Kindle, bank cards, car keys,  Moon’s diapers and a onesie. The bag you will see in an upcoming OOTD post *wink*

Finally, this bracelet was 10 bucks too, its way too cute, didn’t have anything canary yellow, and after Gucci came out with some spectacular outfits in the colour, this was my tribute to all things yellow

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