Nude Shoes

Celebs Wearing Nude Shoes

We have heard the Pink is the new Black, Red is the New black, Oxblood is the New Black and now NUDE is the New Black.

I like Nude shoes, I really do, but too often I see it being worn oh so wrong. Nude is sensationally suppose to blend with your skin tone, lengthen your legs, and complementing your outfit at the same time. So when I see my black sisters wearing these neutral or blush colored pumps I am not very nice to them at all. We are darker and such our Nudes must be a little darker.

Solange Knowles wearing Nude the right way…Live It

Nude shoes are absolute must, so I am not saying we shouldn’t where them I am saying, where the right tone. think flesh tone when buying your shoes, as in your own flesh tone and note Sarah Jessica Parker’s flesh tone.

Irie Diva from wearing one of her fave nude peep toes

So for this year Dolls lets get the fashion right for us, and not what is “just in” style. Don’t JUST belong.

So...what yah think

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