Oh Em Gee 2012 has Fleed

So 2012 has gone…for me not so quick. The new Year brings new prospects for and my friends and family. Today also makes it 6 years since Omar and I have been married. We are happy, thank God, but the six years not been without its many tests, leaps and bounds.

So lets review 2012 without getting to soppy.

Finance -it was one of our more trying years for ours, we decided to stay in the B.V.I a little longer and hence we had to heavily re-evaluate where and how we were spending our money.
Career – we both changed either positions or Jobs for Hubby is was a very stressing and different situation.
Emotional – With Moon being born 4 days from today on January 5, 2012, yes we had a Baby last Year!! Nuf said!
Freedom- I chopped off my Hair —Liberation!!!!

So what do I/we have planned for 2013. Quite a bit, we have some heavy decisions to make in our personal life but we it to be a better Twenty thirteen. My goals in no particular order:

  • Continue to strengthen my relationship, hubby got back benched because of Moon *blows Kiss*
  • Be more of a Lioness with my career, I need to find the strength to move on to better here in the BVI or else where
  • Develop Moon’s personality along with her, I want to see her flourish like any parent would, Oh and get her to be more into eating foods that’s oh so healthy for her, she is quite the picky eater
  • Get out of my Financial rut completely
  • Grow my blog exponentially and dedicate a lot more time to it
  • Get a New car – if you followed the drama on twitter I wont need to explain more *lol*
  • Visit My mom in Jamaica so she can meet her only Grand child
  • Expand my Travel fund
  • Expand my I-need-to-have-fun-even-though-I-am-a-working-mom Fund
  • Become healthier, loose some weight and tone up my body to be more comfortable in my skin
With each New Year we all try to shake off the old year and open our hearts for the New. ALL The BEST and continue this year with me.
Ceta W.

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