OOTD: ONE chilly Day in the Tropics

We have very very very few days of a little breeze much less a little chill. Living in the tropics is literally sunny and hot and sometimes sticky every day.

But…..It hit December and like out of nowhere came this cold front. For days the air condition in the office was not turned on and the country was covered with fog  with all the inhabitants fashioned in sweaters, shawls and coats.

For me, it was fun to see and to participate in light layering, as I have overtly dreamed of living in France or Germany where I can wear knee high boots to work and play around with layering.

I did this shoot outside my home in the streets when Hubby and I was taking Lil Moon to the park…I should have put up what she was wearing cute as ever in her cardigan.

You should know by now my fascination with beanie hats, and I didn’t get a chance to wear much in the summer but I got to rock it, in black on that day. I also have a fascination with leggings. They are like sexy pants and they are very inexpensive and come sin a variety of colours, which I have them ALL *mwahahahaha*

The jewelry I am wearing got from Little Switzerland, Its my little jewelry haven that I have found of late, it helps too that my neighbour works there and is always coming to flaunt there new wears. I have on the Pandora Bracelet, without the charms, and a Eternity  bundled bracelet in blue, the necklace I have on is a half of a heart that says mother, my “MOM” has the other half that says “DAUGHTER”;  And the Long chain is from Charlotte Russe some 5 years ago.

The shawl was gifted to me some time back and I haven’t worn it till now, its kind of an odd cut with some awkward buttons that don’t seem to fit anywhere, which I loves *big grin*,  but mainly it isn’t worn because its very warm. As you can see too its sheer so I just threw an tank top under neath. I have also done this shawl with a tube dress and tube top and jeans. Putting a bright colour underneath allows it to peep through the sheer slits.

So...what yah think

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