Christmas Wish List 2012

When I am not with you I spend my time on Twitter @bawnnatural. So I was asked by a friend of mine on twitter, what’s on my Christmas List this year, and she actually did a post with it.

Well this year will be my longest wish List ever! Now that my Cutie Patootie is celebrating her first Christmas with us, I am over joyed and elated, so my list include a little sum’n sum’n for her and hubby.

I must say that Christmas/New Years time is the time of year when a lot happens for us as a family. We got engaged Christmas 2006, married on New Years Day 2007 and Moon Glow was born on January 5th 2012, we even decided a year ago December 2011, that we were going to start a family.

My Christmas list this year is big very big but its a WISH LIST right?

First up for the Munchkin I would like to get her the  Dora Activity Table and Chair Set and Multi Bin Toy Organiser Bundle. Moon is growing way too fast and we went shopping for Christmas tree the other day and she saw this little set and would not get up off the chair, so I figure this would be a nice Santa gift for her. It will work for Daddy and me as we have the hardest time to get her to sit still to eat or do any activity.


Lil mama LOVES LOVES to dance, but doesn’t every baby? She is the cutest little thing bouncing and jumping to Ri-Ri, so this will be fun for her, after she figures out how NOT to abuse the animals

For Hubby I want to get him some ‘Boys Toys’ he has been eyeing this, even though he hasn’t said anything about it at all. However, I have been peaking at the computer screen when he’s not looking, to see what he has been researching. The first one I’m thinking of getting for him is the new Ipod Touch , he’s definitely a music fanatic and he still takes around that beat up, barely working, first generation Ipod Touch that the Home button doesn’t work anymore. I mean its very cruddy and dented and beat up…..poor iPod.

The other Gift I see him eyeing are the Sony – DUAL SHOCK 3 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 3 he had two before and it got played to bits, literally and he has been hunting one here in the BVI for ages and can’t seem to get one, lets see if I can pull getting this one in from online.

I would Love to have the NutriBullet Nutrition Extraction System   to make my Green Smoothies and Juicing much easier to handle. I use a blender now and I have to make quite a bit and it limits what I can store for very long. Anything with Banana in my opinion needs to be had right away, Banana has a tendency to turn black and makes the “green” smoothie “black” smoothie…eeeek

I got a Pandora bracelet the other day and I have grown to love it. It doesn’t have any charms now so I figure I would just put some on it for Christmas representing my family. I want the Letter ‘W’ for our last name a Gemini charm for me and hubby as we were born May-June and Sagittarius for Moon, who has her first birthday in JUST a few weeks by the way. To make the bracelets fuller I would add some coloured beads pink, purple and aqua. I have been looking for a charm that has something, anything to do with natural hair but no luck so far. I should petition Pandora to make me one, don’t yah think?

And now the WOWZER ………………………..wait for it………………….. A Galaxy SIII or Iphone 5, No explanations needed for that. YES I am serious.


With all this blogging I am doing, and all the networking and leg work and picture-taking, that needs to be done to launch this baby into the stars I really really really really want an iPad Mini. I have the iPad 2 and it went caput! If I don’t get anything else and I get that I will be a  Happy little girl on Christmas morning.

So that’s my WISH list for this Christmas guys. Nothing big…. nothing major… Hit me up on twitter @bawnnatural and let me know whats on your wish list for this Christmas 2012. Until next post Be good

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