My Guilty Pleasure


I would love to say I have a shoe fetish, but I really don’t I do love me some cute shoes, but over the years I have gone from stylish to comfort but of course trendy, I do still have pumps and stilettos and wedges and espadrilles but my passion is
BAGS. I have spent my adult working years investing in bags, my personal shopper from 7 Style 7 can tell you, I love me a gooood BIG bag….And yes I may never be able to fill them but I sure ass heck try.

So for my Christmas, yes its that time of year again, I want more bags, lots of bags I have my eyes on these from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection…hmmmm tasty!!!

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

Now with Moon I can drop some diapers, wipes, rags, 2 change of clothes, juice, water and rattles for her along with my wallet, ipad, make -up case, camera, 2 cell phones, house keys, car keys, office keys, pens and pencils, 2 glasses case, a pouch with jewelry, my water bottle and a snack pack and its still not full; and that’s on a day when hubby doesn’t ask me to keep something or the other for him.

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

I was surprise to see Prada going so Small… Its cute but it can’t hold my my mess


Les Copains

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