2 Years in the BVI!!!!

My First BVI Carnival – Oh I was 4 months or so pregnant

Went to Jamaica to visit friends and Family
My Besty got engage YAYE Franklyn and Neicie
My sister got her own Omar
Yes, I was surprised, telling me she wanted me to help her prog -_-
Love The Cake
Organizer and instigator of the event, Avril

Hanging on one of the Power Yachts – Rache
Daddy did a good Job
33-34 Weeks and counting
At the Moorings Staff Regatta with – Natasha and Suhasani
Staff Regatta 2011 – Rache and Tasha mommy aka everybody Mommy
Avril and Patrice’s Butt
Caption this …..lol Staff Regatta 2011
The Moorings Staff Party – Natasha and Penny partners in crime ….Weeks from popping
Moorings Customer Service Party 2011- Irie Diva and Munchkin came to visit, See Munchkin with Daddy and she helping to pick a ticket for a gift…which I won!!
Munchkin in tong (town) entertaining them with her ABC’s
Another Xmas in the BVI…The LAST christmas as me and he
So for 2011-2012 got pregnant, gave birth, learned to breast feed and Omar learned he was a human stroller…lol
Hours before delivery
Minutes after delivery
First Pic with my Pumpkin
This is one of Omar’s fave things to do, he comes home every night and give Moon a bath
Rare commodity…she hates I mean hates to sleep
Moons first visitor
Aunty Gigi Came bearing gifts
Out and about at a park in West End BVI
Chunky one and Chunky two
Missing Good Friends – Shellorn and her beau Kurtney
UP’s Cineplex in Road town June 4, 2012 my BIRTHDAY!!!!
We learn that this was her…”I’m being bad face…”
We Christened Moon
Pastor Charles trying his bestest to pronounce Suhri’Sana’a Nubia Wright
Marvaleen – Ma Jamaican Home girl!
Oh Boy!
Recognize the Face
And we are full Circle….our 2nd Carnival – Kesha
East End Carnival Night – Le’Amora and Suhri
My Big Chop….Locs be gone
First Photo Shoot to implement fashion to my Blog
Suhri Tag along she wanted to be in the pic too…Puffy hairstyle courtesy of Debbie Harrison
View At Nanny Cay, Tortola
Our First Play Date
Le’Amora, Amanda and Suh-Bear
Play Area with Amanda and Mora
Queens Park with friends
Started a lifestyle change – dieting after baby, follow my progress on twitter @ethniciceta
We moved into an apartment – Heat cya done
Omar decides to not support the barber anymore ….lol
Big Chop….read about it in my previous posts
Experimenting with short hair styles….I am in love with my hair
Got promoted!!!!
Being my Natural me
My Family

All in all 2012 was a year of new things, I became a mom and learn to cope, I chopped off my hair, I vested more time into Blogging and social media, which helped with re-kindling friendships, My Besty got engaged. So after 2 Years now in the BVI its been quite a lot of happenings.

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