African Prints … very Fash

If you’re a little afraid of making a bold statement with the African Prints that’s all over the run ways this season try it in a smaller doses.

Its all about the print, Less is Less in this case. Her mis thang made a rose to put in her fro

I love me some bag, I would wear a HOBO bag in this print, dont particularly like teeny bags they cant hold my Ipad

Head Band and Earrings… thats all she needs

You cant tell from this picture, but what she did was to take a simple bandoo and paste flowers unto it. very cute

Shoe Fetish Begins here

I love the Hair do but the African print bow really makes the hair style pop
Here is a Complete Look from MYASHO.COM that I am so in love with, from the Oversize bag to the colourful Bangles

So there you go Lovies, African Prints in small doses…. Toodles

So...what yah think

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