Nails Nails Nails Nails…did I Say Nails

#1 Rainbow…Seek professional Help..This is can be a airbrush nail art design or a time consuming sponge and polish

Summer is over and the Fall is Springing forward. In the Caribbean is Summer all year round but none the less, we want to be in things too. I have gone a digging and have found my 13 fave, fab and fash nails. Some are easy to do yourself, other please seek professional help.
*all these nail design can be altered with a polish colour of your choice*

#2 Classic Matte Black with a Twist – This is simple you can do this yourself, Black Nail Polish and Silver glitter nail art
#3 High SHine Chrome – ‘nuf said

#4 Fan Colour- This fun and trendy, if you have a formal job this is weekend Nails for you, its a little time consuming, so you may want to go to the Nail Salon

#5 Black Shimmer – I love this new trend, for me who thinks my hands are too dark to wear straight black Nails ( I still wear them I really don’t care that much) using a coloured glitter polish at the tips like this makes it so chic and fab…Highly recommend!

#6 Blue Black – Blue is the new Black, when I feel intimidated by just strait black i pull out my dark blue or dark purple Nail polish and rock it like this

#7 Pastel Everything – Pastel Colours worn as straight polish is so in, very trendy, this is my favourite colour along with grey and a pastel mauve…yummy

#9 Glitter – This type of polish is fun fun fun..BUT it is a pain a real real PAIN to get off, the glitters super glued on for some strange reason…augh, but I do love the look.

#10 Club Nails – Glow in the dark nails are very trendy too, normally with the “younger” crowd but they are cute, they normally come in neon colours, however I a found (since I started doing nails) that you get the same glow in the dark look with a UV topcoat under UV club Lights.

#11 All in one – If you cant choose what colour you like, wear em once. This is tasteful and trendy
#12 Top Down – Putting the french at the bottom…Seems Legit…I like it baaad.. chic and classy

#13 Snap Crackle Pop – Crackle over coat is so in, its not for all it appears messy and undone. But if you are ok with a few chips in your nail… dive in head first!!!

Close Runner ups

So...what yah think

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