Twill Skinny & Dollin’ up the Dolman

Hey Dolls

I woke up this morning and got an email from Forever21 that they are having Twill Skinny’s for less than twenty bucks….WOW.
..made my day!!!  Of course I went all crazy as how/when/where I can wear these pants! So I DUG  up my Dolman tops, got to cover the pudgy tummy until my Green Smoothies take effect.

So I like the cuffed ankles, and wear it with flats for the day and some pumps at night. I chose a Dolman top, because  if you have a little ‘love’ in your tummy I have found that Dolman tops will cover up a bit, the ones I saw exposes the shoulders and makes it a little sexier .

How to where a Twill Skinny

Forever 21


Wet seal

Jimmy choo

Orange belt

C&C California Disco Dolman

So...what yah think

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