SOOOOO…. After 8 months 3 weeks after birth I have decided to start dieting….Now hold up don’t start judging…each person after
child birth makes their own decision with regards to themselves and their child’s health. So I decided since Lil Moon was still (and is still) nursing I would lay off the drastic dieting and exercise until she was getting enough nutrients from her solids. That’s still sketchy as she is a real picky eater (no clue who she could possible get that from).

I am starting slowly, I am gonna use the very cliche but fitting statement that says, “this is not a diet but a lifestyle change,” I embrace all things natural and since I am Naturally beautiful *like duh* I want to be healthy inside and out (except I wont stop coloring my hair lololol).
Here are my first few steps:
  • Increase my water intake, started doing this in pregnancy and I will continue
  • always eat breakfast – here I will do the green smoothie that Irie Diva is crazy about you can read here by just clicking on her name, love her she ma inspiration, GO GIRL!
Irie  Diva Green Smoothie
  • exercise – no lifestyle slash diet change can be successful without  getting up and move, I use to do very light exercise (yes I have a bag of excuses, sue me!) but now I want to upgrade. I was thinking of jogging it will give me some alone time with my ipod and Alanis Morsette or Rhianna (yes I love them) as well as some me time away from Hubby and baby.
  • For Lunch I will do a healthy snack like nuts or celery and blue cheese kinda thing ( I will steal for celery and blue cheese lol)
With all this I never even told you what my Ideal weight I’m looking for…hmmmm lets see I was 192 lbs in pregnancy in my last week before delivery…yes one hundred and ninety two. I am now 170 lb 8 months later and before pregnancy I was 150lbs. So based on my research and suggested ideal body weight for my height I should be in my 140 ish regions…do-able right ??? We will see!

So Before pic …yeah right lets upload this a ripping off band-aid

so follow me on twitter @ethnicurls or @bawnnatural for recipes, updates and such on my #diet

ok this the best I Can do!!

So...what yah think

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