Make-Up for the Day (muftd)

I am so in love with Milani products…… started using them about 10 years ago when I did my make-up course from The Face Place, and I was smitten.
Milani is not very expensive and their eye shadows do not bleed like some brands do, they also have beautiful colours to match most dark complexions
This is what my make-up look like today, purple of course, with a gold highlights, and a simple lip gloss, black eyeliner, use the silver to cover the whole eye lid and under your brow area, then use the purple to the the tips and work towards the middle and then the gold from the corner for the eye towards the middle and upwards to the silver to blend it all together, in essence it should from the brow looks like a silver gold blend into purple

Don’t worry to much if your not awesome at blending make up, it takes pracice and trial and error, work at it

Was trying to show the whole outfit but Miss Lady wanted to be in the picture too…with the sweltering heat in the Caribbean there is hardly a need for foundation, I was doing errands and hanging out at an outdoor cafe so  in the sun with foundation is a no no for me…to each his own
My chunky bracelets…bronze, gold and purple fleck and solid purple I don’t have on any nail polish because I had Moon today and she would gnaw on them…*rolls eyes*
Purple Sandals found them in thrift store (don’t knock it) with purple french tips and white hand painted designed…like I said I have skills…pedicure at a cost! *giggles*

So...what yah think

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