An Oldie But Goodie

I have had this dress from Love Culture since Fall ’07..yes that loooooooong (woolite and vinegar) :-D.
It has been on every trip, from Bahamas to Barbados, BVI to has been around and yet it still going strong…..ish!!!!

Now I don’t know anybody with the expense account for clothing like Nicole Richie so for all ma Fash friends mix and match and recycling is the name of the game.

Tiger Prints has come and gone 3 times since 2007 so I would say it was a good..who am I kidding GREAT buy!!!!

Showing skin 8 months after giving birth took more testicles that I though it would but I pulled it off tastefully *big grin*

All you need Mary Kay Gold eye shadow, Milani Black Magic eyeliner, gold mascara, and a amber bronze Lip balm
You know I love to accessorize, Oversize bracelets and earrings makes any outfit pop
This is the ‘dress’ as a long high waist skirt and a regular old black t-shirt from Old Navy which is even older than the dress, you can also use a kool broad belt, I suggest purple to go with the blue hat, or use two of your favourite popping colours you like
This is as it was bought for a Maxi Dress, I am into maxi dresses with flat slippers the ones I wore with this outfit was from Briget Sandals
I am not one for Head Bands but I half did my hair and I wanted to go out -_-
I like Milani products especially their eyeshadow, and I am such a purple lady, note this was a meet and greet on the beach at 2 in the afternoon so no foundation required (see make up used up top)
Pedicure done by me, A purple French with white hand painted Nail art…yes I got skills

So...what yah think

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